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It’s the CFPB’s unusually unique award-winning newsletter! For exclusive Green Bay Packers news we guarantee you won't find anywhere else, click on the PackerPage logo above. News about the CFPB club in Orlando can be found below. And if you’re a Chicago Bears fan, congratulations! You’ve learned to read!


2016 Membership Event Schedule at 'SIDESHOW'
15. N Orange Ave (Downtown Orlando) (407)-648-2050

note: all times listed are EST
* Start time and broadcast may shift due to NFL flexible scheduling

** Every game at halftime we’ll spin the Sideshow shot wheel...
whatever shot comes up is half price for halftime...get it?

Note:  Several prize drawings will be held during each regular season game.  Brats, beer, mugs and some prizes may be limited (first come, first served).  Schedule may change without notice.  Lambeau Field tickets are not transferable.  Prizes, free food and event day gifts are for 2016 CFPB members only.

Week #1: Sunday Sept 11th @ 1:00pm
Green Bay Packers @ Jacksonville Jaguars
Most of us will be at the game in Jacksonville, but if you couldn’t get tickets SIDESHOW will be open as usual. Doors will be open at 11:00am.

Week #2: Sunday Sept 18th @ 8:30pm
Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings
PRE GAME TAILGATE AT WALL STREET PLAZA  Starting at 5:30pm we will kick off the New NFL Year in style with a tailgate party outside at Wall St. Plaza. Tasty brats, potato salad, and other Wisconsin treats as well as a FREE KEG of Miller Lite! (while it lasts)
HAPPY NEW YEAR, FOOTBALL IS HERE, LET’S DRINK FREE BEER!  All 2016 CFPB members at SIDESHOW will kick off the new NFL year with a free Miller Lite mug and free beer...yes, MORE free beer! (while it lasts).  Your personalized mug will then be good for $3.00 Miller Lite refills anytime this season during Packers games.  Hey, what would a New Year’s party be without party favors and prizes?  Yep, we got those too!  Remember, you’ll need your mug (not your face) for cheap Miller Lite refills so don’t get drunk and lose it...your mug or your face!

Week #3: Sunday Sept 25th @ 1:00pm
Detroit Lions @ Green Bay Packers
A BREW-CREW HULLABALOO  Thanks to our good friends the Milwaukee Brewers, while we’re watching football we’ll honor our favorite baseball team with lots of Milwaukee Brewers collectables….sah-wing batter batter!

Week #4: Sunday Oct 2nd
BYE WEEK  We’re not sure what we’ll be doing, but we won’t be watching the Packers cause they ain’t playin’. Go spend some time with your family because you won’t see them much ‘til after we win the Super Bowl doan-cha-know.

Week #5: Sunday Oct 9th @ 8:30pm*
New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers
TATTOO YOU TOO DAY  We will have free fake Packers tattoos for all members.  If you want something more permanent some lucky CFPB member will win a REAL Packers tattoo for your Packer patootie. (tattoo is non-transferable… get it?)

Week #6: Sunday Oct 16th @ 4:25 PM*
Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers
LAMBEAU TICKET DRAWING  All wise CFPB members who paid their 2016 membership dues by today will be entered in a drawing for a pair of tickets to see the Packers play the Houston Texans at Lambeau on Sunday Dec 4th. It’s like Christmas in October!  You must be present to win, and if you do, “Go pack, (then) Go!”  (Here’s the fine print. If you can’t go to the game, we will re-draw.  Tickets, like tattoos, are non-transferable)
COWBOY INCARCERATION DAY  If the Texas penal (ha ha) (not the Packers Ha Ha) system lets the Cowboys out of the state, the Cowboys will be wearing ankle bracelets.  All CFPB members will get a free set of Packer wrist bracelets.

Week #7: Thursday Oct 20th @ 8:25pm
Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers
IT’S LADIES NIGHT... and the feeling’s right!  Pretend it’s Valentines Day cause there’s lots of love (and prizes) for the Packer ladies. Including, drum roll please, 1ST DRINK FREE FOR ALL CFPB MEMBER LADIES!  There’s also a whole bunch of ladies only prizes for the lucky girls.  Oh, what a night! 

Week #8: Sunday Oct 30th @ 1:00pm*
Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons
LAMBEAU NIFTY-50 TICKET GIVEAWAY  Some lucky CFPB member with good attendance at SIDESHOW will win a pair of 50-yard line tickets to Lambeau Field for Packers-Texans game on Dec 4th!  You must be present to win.  (Here’s that darn fine print have to be able to go to the game.  If not we will re-draw)

Week #9: Sunday Nov 6th @ 4:25pm*
Indianapolis Colts @ Green Bay Packers
MILLER LITE PACKER PUTT-OFF  Great Packer prizes if you’re good with your putter. Just remember to yell out your favorite quarterback’s number...12!... before swinging your club.

Week #10: Sunday Nov 13th @ 1:00pm*
Green Bay Packers @ Tennessee Titans
MILLER LITE WALL ST PLAZA FOOTBALL TOSS  We're playing Tennessee, but you can win a New Jersey!  A Packers one, that is.  Pretend you’re Bart Starr, or even Lynn Dickey, cause his name is fun to say. When we go outside in the plaza, some lucky tosser is going to win a nice Aaron Rodgers jersey.  Closest one to the 12 wins it! You get to keep the free mini football, so everyone’s a winner...unless you’re a Bears fan.

Week #11: Sunday Nov 20th @ 8:30pm*
Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins
TAKE-A-SHOT-FOR-THE-PACK DAY  every time Green Bay scores with a touchdown or field-goal, all CFPB members will be rewarded with a tasty shot of high octane Packer Juice.  It looks like another rough Monday!

Week #12: Monday Nov 28th @ 8:30pm
Green Bay Packers @ Philadelphia Eagles
BART STARR CANDLE NIGHT  Members get a free limited edition CFPB Bart Starr prayer candle.  Get lit and keep those evil spirits away and guarantee a Packers win.   If you can’t make it to tonight’s game, we will also have extras on hand for sale for the next few weeks.  Start Christmas shopping early, and have some fun at the same time.

Week #13: Sunday Dec 4th @ 1:00pm*
Houston Texans @ Green Bay Packers
9TH ANNUAL CFPB COW-CHIP THROWING COMPOOPTITION  What can Brown do for you?  No (expletive deleted)!  Throw certified petrified cow poop (with the P-U removed for your protection) for plenty of Packer prizes!  It’s a heifer-load of fun sponsored by the Central Florida Packer Backers and the Florida Dairy Association.  Moo.  In this game, #2 is #1 !!

Week #14: Sunday Dec 11th @ 4:25pm*
Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers
JAGERMEISTER  our friends at Jagermeister will be here to make sure your Monday is going to be a bad day!
MILLER LITE REFRIGERATOR DAY   It might be chilly enough to keep your Miller beer outside but some lucky CFPB member will take home an awesome Miller Lite refrigerator.

Week #15: Sunday Dec 18th 1:00pm*
Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears
CORNHOLE  We don’t know how to play it, but it sure sounds like fun.  You will be proud to tell your family, friends, and neighbors that you are the Cornhole champion, cause you’re gonna have the big trophy to prove it.

Week #16: Saturday Dec 24th @ 1:00pm
Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers
CAPTAIN MORGAN DAY  Shiver your timbers! Santa will be wearing an eye patch and a pirate hat.  We will have lots of Captain Morgan booty (ha ha), and Captain Morgan drink specials.  Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum !!!  Go Pack Go !!!

Week #17: Sunday Jan 1st @ 1:00pm*
Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions
MILLER PASSING CHALLENGE  How’s that arm of yours?  Throw the football accurately at SIDESHOW and you win!  Once again, Ivana, Anita & Olive (the Miller girls) will be there with lots of free stuff from our good friends at the Miller Brewery.