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In case you missed the 100th annual July 4th hot dog eating contest at Coney Island, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut won, eating 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes.  He also holds the world record for bratwursts with 70 in 10 minutes…yikes!

The Central Florida Packer Backer version is the “Brat/Beer speed eating/drinking contest” at the CFPB picnic.  The good news is you don’t have to eat 70 brats like Joey, just 1 as fast as you can…with a beer.  Sounds pretty easy in comparison, huh?  Even if you don’t participate it’s a lot of fun to watch.  Hopefully no one has a “reversal of fortune”!

The  20th annual Packer Picnic is set for Sunday, Aug 7th starting at noon.  Same great place, VFW post 2093 at 4444 Edgewater Drive in Orlando, 32804 (just north of Fairbanks Ave).  

We will have tons of food and drinks…and cool games like the Brat Eating Contest!

Way more details coming soon….mark your calendars!


The date for the social event of the summer is set, Sunday August 7th, 2016.
Mark that date on your calendar or your phone, tattoo it on your arm, schedule your vacation for some other week, or quit your job if your Bear fan boss won't let you have the day off.  It's the CFPB Picnic for cripes sake!

Same awesome place, the VFW pavilion at 4444 Edgewater Drive on Lake Fairview (just north of Fairbanks Ave).

This is just a heads-up, way more details to follow (like the free beer part)...but more about that later.

Be there or be Bear!


The last of the CFPB bus trip tickets are gone, thanks to the response at the brunch last Sunday.
For those of you who got tickets don't forget ...
• Your bus ticket(s).
• The bus leaves from the Alehouse at 1251 Lee Rd (at Hwy 17-92) in Winter Park at 8:30 am SHARP!
• Bring everything you want to eat and drink yourself.
• Whatever you do bring needs to fit under your seat (like on a plane).
• The bus returns to the Alehouse EXACTLY one hour after the game ends.
• Oh, and did we mention DONT BE LATE!
Thanks again to all. See you at the game!



If you haven't gotten your bus tickets yet, or if you have and would like a delicious brunch with special prices on mimosas and bloody Marys, come down to Sideshow (aka CFPB headquarters) this Sunday between noon and 2 PM.  
Wear Packer stuff and get $2.50 Miller Lite drafts!
(disclaimer: Packer Mike not to scale)

If you don't know what his handsome face looks like ask for Packer Mike, he is the guy with the tickets.

Round-trip bus tickets are $40 and are BYOE (Bring your own everything).
We take three methods of payment. Cash, cash, and cash. 

After brunch you can stay and have a couple-two-tree more beers or go for a nice walk around Lake Eola and check out the downtown farmers market.
Get your bus tickets now there are available, because when they're gone they're gone. If you snooze you will lose, just like the Jags!


Come on out to the Winter Park Alehouse (1251 Lee Rd at Hwy 17-92) this Saturday from 7-9 pm, have a little sumthin' to eat, have a couple-two-tree beers, and get your Packers/Jags bus tickets too.  This is the same Alehouse that the bus will leave from on the way to Jacksonville September 11th so if you come out Saturday at least you'll know where you're going before the bus leaves! 

Wear Packer stuff and get $8 pitchers of Miller Lite... Or don't wear Packer stuff and still get $8 pitchers of Miller Lite, 'cause they have that special all the time...good deal!

The price of this year's bus trip is only $40 a ticket, which is 1/3 less than the 2014 Tampa bus trip but it is BYOE (Bring your own everything). We take cash, cash, cash, and good checks. (Did I mention cash?)

Since this is the 1st game of the year we don't have the luxury of buying tickets during games at Sideshow. Instead we will have a few of these ticket get-togethers at different places. It's nice to see your Packer friends during the off-season too!  But remember, when the bus tickets are gone, they're gone.

Be there or be Bear!

Hey CFPB'ers, we have bus tickets! 

To make it easy to reserve your bus seat and see the NFL draft, come out to Sideshow this Thursday, April 28 starting at 8:00pm till the Pack picks. Get your bus seats, see the Pack's 1st round pick, AND get $2.50 pints of Miller Lite if you wear some Packers stuff.

The price of this year's bus trip is only $40 a ticket, which is 1/3 less than the 2014 Tampa bus trip but it is BYOE (Bring your own everything). We take cash, cash, cash, and good checks. (Did I mention cash?)

If you can't make it Thursday and if we have any bus tickets left after Thursday we will send out another email with details on how to get bus tickets.

Packers vs. Jaguar tickets going fast!

Hey Cheesers and Cheesettes, don't be this guy!

Donnie from the Jaguars called this morning and said "the ticket inventory is running very low".  The response from the Central Florida Packer Backers was, as he said "unbelievable". Since the tickets are going so fast he can't answer all the calls so please leave a voicemail message and he will get back to you as soon as he can.
He made it very clear to call right away to avoid being put on a waiting list, that's how fast they are selling. If you haven't called yet call now!

The number is…