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It’s the CFPB’s unusually unique award-winning newsletter! For exclusive Green Bay Packers news we guarantee you won't find anywhere else, click on the PackerPage logo above. News about the CFPB club in Orlando can be found below. And if you’re a Chicago Bears fan, congratulations! You’ve learned to read!

Two Tings

Ting 1
This coming Sunday Nov 1st, OH YES IT’S LADIES NIGHT… and the feeling’s right!  Pretend it’s Valentines Day cause there’s lots of love (and prizes) for the Packer ladies. Including, drum roll please, 1ST DRINK FREE FOR ALL CFPB MEMBER LADIES!  There’s also a whole bunch of ladies only prizes for the lucky girls.  Oh, what a night!  

Ting 2


Wow! It’s that time of year again, the Central Florida Packer Backers will gather together for the club’s  annual “Packer Picnic” set for Sunday, August 2nd 2015 starting at noon.  Same place for the picnic, and once again we will have a keg of FREE Miller Lite beer!  Picnic is at VFW post 2093, 4444 Edgewater Drive in Orlando, 32804 (just north of Fairbanks Ave). 

The covered pavilion is huge, has a big screen TV, a tiki bar and lots of fans to keep everyone cool. It’s on Lake Fairview, so bring your boat or jet ski... and there’s a dock and a beach for swimming. Bring your swimmin’ suits!  There's lots of waterfront space for your tents and the events. And…a full liquor bar inside with mixed drinks and shots for purchase for you seasoned Packer fans. 

After the picnic, we will retire to the air conditioned bar for some more fun into the evening! 

Water, sodas, and beer are free while they last.  After that the drinks are cheap (it is a VFW post doan-cha-know)  BUT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BRING ALCOHOL TO  THE PICNIC, AS THEY DON'T WANT TO LOSE THEIR LIQUOR LICENSE.  Leave the beer coolers at home... if not, you will be asked to leave.

As usual, we’ll have plenty of free food, including Johnsonville brats, Chris’ wonderful German potato salad and corn-on-the-cob!  All we ask is that each member bring a quality dish to share... and we ain't talkin' about a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model either!  Just like always, we’re very fortunate to have Joe Mama's pros cater the event.   With events like the “Bear Punting Competition” and the perennial favorite “Beer & Brat Speed Eating Contest" you would have to be a Bears fan to not have a good time. 

How can you help?

Got an extension cord?  There’s a bunch of outlets for us.  Got a fan?  Bring ‘em if you got ‘em.  Even though there are lots of ceiling fans a few more can’t hurt.  That’s why it’s always cool at Lambeau… there’s a fan in every seat!  If you have one of those industrial fans like they have at Home Depot, all the better. 
Most of youse guys are picnic veterans so you know what to do.

If you can help with any events, setup, or anything else please let us know.

So get off your dupa and join the groupa!  As always, no pets or FIBs.  Don’t forget to renew your membership, it’s still only $20 and you can pick up the new color beer mug for this season! 

Sign up forms available at the picnic. Your $20 really will get you plenty!

Hut Hut... Brat!

Ya dere hey Central Florida Packer Backers!

Tell your Packer Backer friends, neighbors, relatives (even your crazy Uncle Romy),  that the official 19th annual CFPB Picnic is,  drumroll please......

SUNDAY, AUGUST 2ND from 11:00am to 4:00 (that's in the daytime).

Same great place, the pavilion on the lake at VFW Post 2093, which is at 4444 Edgewater Drive in Orlando, just north of Fairbanks Avenue.  With, of course the legendary food and games , AND A HUUUGE SURPRISE!  We will even have our own private bartender!

Lots of details to follow.  Just wanna give youse guys a heads up so you can plan ahead, change your vacation, pull the kids out of summer school, tell your boss to kiss your dupa if he won't give you the day off...etc.

It is the social event of the summer, can't ya almost taste the brats and beers already?

Spread the word, and don't forget to like us on Facebook and...
make sure to go to  and subscribe to get all the updates. 

Wouldn't want you to miss nothin'.
Be there or be Bear!


This Sunday Jan 18th the doors to SIDESHOW will open on early at 1:00pm so everyone can get comfy and have a couple-two-tree beers before the big game.  There's sure to be a big crowd, but don't worry, there will also be a 16-FOOT TELEVISION out in Wall Street Plaza.  Cripes, that’s a 192-inch TV!  The Plaza bar will open at 2:00pm so there will be more than enough room for all youse guys to cheer the Pack on to the Super Bowl.

We also will have a very special guest, Badger Hall of Famer, former Packer star, (and soon to be CFPB #99) DON DAVEY!  What could be cooler? I'll tell ya...Don has surprises for us too!
Want to be inspired by Don?  Watch this:

On top of that our friends at the Miller Brewing Company also have a special prize for us. Want a hint on what it is? has to do with Miller Lite....mmmm, beer.

Get off your dupa and join the groupa with all your CFPB friends.  There's lots of room for everyone...except Seattle fans.  We are only two wins away from being WORLD CHAMPIONS!  Does that sound good, or what?


Happy New Year to all youse guys from the CFPB!  Did you make any New Year's resolutions (besides the Packers winning the Super Bowl)?  If yours was to get in shape and lose weight you're in luck.  Thanks to our friends at the Miller Brewing Company you can lose a couple-two-tree pounds by drinking Miller Lite and get in shape with your new MILLER LITE BICYCLE!

tested and approved in training camp by Aaron

Yes, some lucky CFPB member is going home with this very cool bike this Sunday after we round up the Cowgirls.  So bring a truck, SUV, or just ride home in style on your new bike...awesome, or what?

Oh, and don't forget the doors to SIDESHOW open at 12:00 noon.  Get there early for the best's the playoffs, doan-cha-know.  Get off your dupa and join the groupa, somebody's gonna win the bike, it may as well be you!

Not ALL Packers Fans Going to Tampa


You want a couple two-tree candles?  Come on down to 'SIDESHOW' this  Sunday Dec 21st and join Joe Mama.  Our club has over 350 people heading over to Tampa for the Packers-Buccaneers game.  You will never have better odds of winning a prize than this Sunday.

Lambeau South

It's good to be a Packers fan this weekend (Dec 20th-21st) in the Tampa/St.Petersburg/Clearwater area because you won't be alone.

Earlier this week in Oberhausen Germany, Paul the Octopus was given two sand sculptures within its tank:
1. a sand sculpture of a cheese wedge
2. a sand sculpture of Trent Dilfer's head
The researchers then observed the octopus take a sharp piece of coral and proceed to jab Warren's head repeatedly throughout the night.  In the morning, the researchers found Paul the Octupus wearing the the sand cheese wedge on its head and the Trent Dilfer's bust was a layer of sand on the bottom of the tank.

Researchers counted the grains of sands and statistically determined that there might be 27 Buccaneer fans in the stadium crowd for the Packers-Buccaneers game this Sunday.  (with a possible margin of error of 2)

If you want to join 2 Packers fans pep rallies, jump in your car and head on over to the Tampa area on Saturday Dec 20th.

You can meet Packers VIP's:
Packers CEO Mark Murphy
voice of the Packers Wayne Larivee
Packer alumni Nick Collins
Packer alumni Kenny Stills

Rally #1
Saturday Dec 20th 6:30pm - 7:30pm at Ferg's Sports Bar & Grill
1320 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, FL

then the Packer VIP's will head on over to...

Rally #2
Saturday Dec 20th 8:15pm - 9:00pm at The Varsity Club
24901 U.S Hwy 19 N., Clearwater, FL