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It’s the CFPB’s unusually unique award-winning newsletter! For exclusive Green Bay Packers news we guarantee you won't find anywhere else, click on the PackerPage logo above. News about the CFPB club in Orlando can be found below. And if you’re a Chicago Bears fan, congratulations! You’ve learned to read!


Week #10: Sunday Nov 12th @ 1:00pm
Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears
INFLATABLE DAY… since this game will probably be a blowout, we will have cool stuff to blow up.  Free inflatables for ALL CFPBers and lots of blow up prizes. (no, not that kind).  Be there or be Bear!


Hey Packer dudes and dudettes, the Pack is on Monday Night Football this week.
What could be better?  It’s Ladies Night!  All CFPB member ladies get their FIRST DRINK FREE. What could be better?  All CFPB member ladies get a little sumpthin just for coming out to Sideshow for the game (while the little sumpthins last). What could be better?  Twice the prizes!  We will have two sign-in sheets, one for the boys, one for the girls, with special prizes for the ladies. Wow! It’s like Valentines Day in November!

Oh My Gosh !!

Crymany-cripes-sake !

Go listen/support Charlie at:


(Actual picture from the seats!)

Compliments of Wall Street Plaza and the Central Florida Packer Backers, this Sunday Oct 22nd, some lucky CFPB member with good attendance at 'SIDESHOW' will win a pair of 50-yard line tickets to Lambeau Field for the Packers-Buccaneers game on December 3rd!  You must be present to win.  (Here's the darn fine print again... you have to be able to go to the game.  If not, we will re-draw another CFPB member's number)

FYI:  Not a club member? it's not too late to have a chance to win.  Get on down to 'SIDESHOW' this Sunday.  No budging in line.  Just scooch over to the front table and sign up to become a Central Florida Packer Backer.  You're $20 will get you plenty!


After the Pack de-horn the Vikings this Sunday we have a really cool event post-game in Wall St. Plaza.

We’re playing Minnesota but you can win a New Jersey!  A Packers one, that is.

Thanks to our friends at Miller Lite you can pretend you’re Bart Starr, or Lynn Dickey, cause his name is more fun to say. When we go out to the plaza after the game everyone gets a Miller Lite foam football. We all throw them simultaneously, and maybe at the same time too. Whoever’s ball end up closest to the numbers on the jersey takes it home.

(football may or may not look like dis football doan cha know)
In this game everyone wins ‘cause you get to keep your, or what?


Watch the Packers corral the dirty cheatin' Cowboys AND give to a good cause too. Bring a few extra greenbacks to watch the Green and Gold this Sunday at 4:30 and maybe win a Miller Lite gas grill! The money we collect will go to the American Red Cross to help hurricane victims. All things considered most of us were pretty lucky with Irma but a lot of people weren't as fortunate. Let's do what we can to help.  We will also have free lucky Packer wristbands for all CFPB members... hey, a little more luck can't hurt!                   
See youse guys Sunday,

Go Pack Go!

Jagermeister and Jersey Retirement Ceremony

( Jager-Bomb: don't try this at home... not reversible )

JAGERMEISTER:  our friends at Jagermeister will be here to make sure your Friday is going to be a bad day!

JERSEY RETIREMENT CEREMONY  Halftime celebration: It's a day for all Packers fans to gives thanks to a player who helped the Packers win time and time again.