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It’s the CFPB’s unusually unique award-winning newsletter! For exclusive Green Bay Packers news we guarantee you won't find anywhere else, click on the PackerPage logo above. News about the CFPB club in Orlando can be found below. And if you’re a Chicago Bears fan, congratulations! You’ve learned to read!

Happy Packer New Year !!! (this Sun Sept 18th)


PRE GAME TAILGATE AT WALL STREET PLAZA  Starting at 5:30pm we will kick off the New NFL Year in style with a tailgate party outside at Wall St. Plaza. Tasty brats, potato salad, and other Wisconsin treats as well as a FREE KEG of Miller Lite! (while it lasts)

... and then at 8:30pm KICKOFF... HAPPY PACKERS NEW YEAR !!!
(most of youse were in Jacksonville last week)
All 2016 CFPB members at SIDESHOW will kick off the new NFL year with a free Miller Lite mug and free beer...yes, MORE free beer! (while it lasts).  Your personalized mug will then be good for $3.00 Miller Lite refills anytime this season during Packers games.  Hey, what would a New Year’s party be without party favors and prizes?  Yep, we got those too!  Remember, you’ll need your mug (not your face) for cheap Miller Lite refills so don’t get drunk and lose it...your mug or your face!

What's in your wallet?

Join the Central Florida Packer Backers and receive your very own shiny dull/worn vintage CFPB membership card displaying the greatest NFL play ever!

(minus the F.I.B. copyright protection... can't trust those FIB's... dirty cheat'in Bears)

Remember, you're twenty will get you plenty!  GO PACK!


People have been asking us why they have not received their Packers/Jaguars tickets yet so we called the Jaguars to find out what is happening.

Donnie Lawson, the Jags ticket rep said the tickets won't be mailed out till late August, which we agreed was late but he said that's the way the Jaguars distribute tickets. Not Donnie's fault at all.

He said that if that is too late for some people you can call him at 904-633-6549 and he can email you your tickets. However, if you would rather have a regular hard ticket you don't need to do anything and they will come to you in the mail. 

Only call him if you want your ticket emailed.

Hope that helps to clear things up for youse guys, it's almost Packer Time!


Wow! It's that time of year again, the Central Florida Packer Backers will gather together for the club's  20th Annual "Packer Picnic" set for Sunday, August 7th, 2016 starting at noon.  Same place for the picnic, and once again we will have a keg of FREE Miller Lite beer!  Picnic is at VFW post 2093, 4444 Edgewater Drive in Orlando, 32804 (just north
of Fairbanks Ave).

The covered pavilion is huge, has a big screen TV, a tiki bar and lots of fans to keep everyone cool. It's on Lake Fairview, so bring your boat or jet ski ... and there's a dock and a beach for swimming. Bring your swimmin' suits!  There's lots of waterfront space for your tents and the events. And ... a full liquor bar inside with mixed drinks and shots for purchase for you seasoned Packer fans.

After the picnic, we will retire to the air conditioned bar for some more fun into the evening!

Water, sodas, and beer are free while they last.  After that the drinks are cheap (it is a VFW post doan-cha-know)  BUT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BRING ALCOHOL TO THE PICNIC, AS THEY DON'T WANT TO LOSE THEIR LIQUOR
LICENSE.  Leave the beer coolers at home ... if not, you will be asked to leave.

As usual, we'll have plenty of free food, including Johnsonville brats, Chris' wonderful German potato salad and corn-on-the-cob!  All we ask is that each member bring a quality dish to share... and we ain't talkin' about a Sports
Illustrated swimsuit model either!  Just like always, we're very fortunate to have Joe Mama's pros cater the event.   With events like the "Bear Punting Competition" and the perennial favorite "Beer & Brat Speed Eating Contest" you would have to be a Bears fan to not have a good time.

How can you help?

Got an extension cord?  There's a bunch of outlets for us.  Got a fan?  Bring 'em if you got 'em.  Even though there are lots of ceiling fans a few more can't hurt.  That's why it's always cool at Lambeau ... there's a fan in every seat!  If you have one of those industrial fans like they have at Home Depot, all the better.
Most of youse guys are picnic veterans so you know what to do.

If you can help with any events, setup, or anything else please let us know.

So get off your dupa and join the groupa!  As always, no pets or FIBs.  Don't forget to renew your membership, it's still only $20! Sign up forms available at the picnic. Your twenty really will get you plenty!


In case you missed the 100th annual July 4th hot dog eating contest at Coney Island, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut won, eating 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes.  He also holds the world record for bratwursts with 70 in 10 minutes…yikes!

The Central Florida Packer Backer version is the “Brat/Beer speed eating/drinking contest” at the CFPB picnic.  The good news is you don’t have to eat 70 brats like Joey, just 1 as fast as you can…with a beer.  Sounds pretty easy in comparison, huh?  Even if you don’t participate it’s a lot of fun to watch.  Hopefully no one has a “reversal of fortune”!

The  20th annual Packer Picnic is set for Sunday, Aug 7th starting at noon.  Same great place, VFW post 2093 at 4444 Edgewater Drive in Orlando, 32804 (just north of Fairbanks Ave).  

We will have tons of food and drinks…and cool games like the Brat Eating Contest!

Way more details coming soon….mark your calendars!


The date for the social event of the summer is set, Sunday August 7th, 2016.
Mark that date on your calendar or your phone, tattoo it on your arm, schedule your vacation for some other week, or quit your job if your Bear fan boss won't let you have the day off.  It's the CFPB Picnic for cripes sake!

Same awesome place, the VFW pavilion at 4444 Edgewater Drive on Lake Fairview (just north of Fairbanks Ave).

This is just a heads-up, way more details to follow (like the free beer part)...but more about that later.

Be there or be Bear!


The last of the CFPB bus trip tickets are gone, thanks to the response at the brunch last Sunday.
For those of you who got tickets don't forget ...
• Your bus ticket(s).
• The bus leaves from the Alehouse at 1251 Lee Rd (at Hwy 17-92) in Winter Park at 8:30 am SHARP!
• Bring everything you want to eat and drink yourself.
• Whatever you do bring needs to fit under your seat (like on a plane).
• The bus returns to the Alehouse EXACTLY one hour after the game ends.
• Oh, and did we mention DONT BE LATE!
Thanks again to all. See you at the game!