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In case you missed the July 4th hot dog eating contest at Coney Island Joey “Jaws” Chestnut won, eating 61 hot dogs in 10 minutes.  He also holds the world record for bratwursts with 70 in 10 minutes…yikes!

The Central Florida Packer Backer version is the “Brat/Beer speed eating/drinking contest” at the CFPB picnic.  The good news is you don’t have to eat 70 brats like Joey, just 1 as fast as you can…with a beer.  Sounds pretty easy in comparison, huh?  Even if you don’t participate it’s a lot of fun to watch.  Hopefully no one has a “reversal of fortune”!

The  18th annual Packer Picnic is set for Saturday, Aug 9th starting at noon.  Same great place, VFW post 2093 at 4444 Edgewater Drive in Orlando, 32804 (just north of Fairbanks Ave).  
We will have tons of food and drinks…and cool games like the Brat Eating Contest!

Way more details coming soon….mark your calendars!

The Joseph Martens Packer Backer VS The Juice Pimp Buccaneer Fan Midsummer Brunch Experience

you won't be able to say that clearly, once you've finished your FREE BEER !
Maxine's on Shine circa 1958 where Vince Lombardi was known to pace back and forth on the sidewalk because the Packers finished with a record of 1-10-1 (worst in Packers history).  The following year he took the job as head coach.

Where's yur Buccaneers ?
Come on out for a pre-preseason get-together to hear fellow CFPB Joseph Martens jam with his band, the Hindu Cowboys.  Here's the deal:  if you are wearing your Packers gear, you'll receive one FREE BEER, $2 off draft and wine, $1 off beer bottles, $10 off bottles of wine.  Their food is delicious too.  menu

When and where you say?
Saturday June 28th: noon till 3:00pm
Maxine's on Shine
337 N. Shine Avenue Orlando, FL 32803


Ya dere hey Central Florida Packer Backers!

Tell your Packer Backer friends, neighbors, relatives (even your crazy Uncle Romy),  that the official 18th annual CFPB Picnic is,  drumroll please........
SATURDAY, AUGUST 9TH from 11:00 to 4:00 (that's in the daytime).

Same great place, the pavilion on the lake at VFW Post 2093, which is at 4444 Edgewater Dr. in Orlando, just north of Fairbanks Ave.  And, of course, the legendary food and games, wit' some new stuff thrown in just for fun, doan 'cha know.  We will even have our own private bartender!

Lots of details to follow.  Just wanna give youse guys a heads up so you can plan ahead, change your vacation, pull the kids out of summer school, tell your boss to kiss your dupa if he won't give you the day off...etc.

It is the social event of the summer, can't ya almost taste the brats and beers already?

Spread the word, and don't forget to
like us on Facebook and...
make sure to go to CentralFloridaPackerBackers.com  and subscribe to get all the updates.

Wouldn't want you to miss nothin'.
Be there or be Bear!

Central Florida Packer Backers are NOT moving

uff-dah my fellow Cheeseheads...

... the bad news (make sure to read the 'GOOD' news below)

As quite a few people in the CFPB community noticed, there was an article in the Orlando Sentinel entitled, "Goodbye to One Eyed Jacks, Loaded Hog".

Yes, May 5th 2014 Cinco de Mayo will be the last time you will be able to hoist a Heine (no, not in the warsh room) at the the two bars.

Wall Street Plaza management has informed the Central Florida Packer Backers that... starting on May 6th, both One Eyed Jacks and The Loaded Hog will be gutted for a total renovation.

... the good news

We don't know what the name of the new bar is going to be (we suggested One Eyed Packs instead), but we do know:

1.  both 'old' bars will be combined into ONE SPACE (woohoo!)
2.  new bar is going to be awesome! (just like all other Wall Street bars are)
3.  there will be more 80" HD screens (that's HD = humdinger in Wisconsin... to the rest of the world it means something else)

other possible 'leaked' renovations:
4.  bratwurst-shaped hand sanitizer dispensers in warsh rooms.  The hand sanitizer will even be colored cheddar yellow.
5.  sensors will be mounted in the warsh rooms stalls.  If you sit longer than the designated time, over the ceiling speakers you will hear Vince Lombardi yell, "What the hell is going on in there!"
6.  every time the new auto-flush men's urinals flush, a sound byte will play "High Life!"  Urinals will come with the standard Chicago bears logo in the bottom.
7.  women's restroom stalls will ALL have posters of shirtless Clay Mathews (don't forget about #5 above)

So, keep practicing your off-season drinking of Miller Lite, there's no reason to stop.   Wall Street Plaza is still home to the Central Florida Packer Backers


Hey fellow Cheddarheads,
If youse are interested in going to the Packers @ Bucca-nothings game on Sunday Dec 21st 2014, believe-you-me... youse better act fast.  Tickets are almost gone.  You betcha!

You have two-tree choices.

one: you can call the extremely helpful Erin Lewis at the Buccaneer ticket office 813-870-2700 ext 2217 <or>

two: you can barter with unsavory Buccaneer ticket scalpers on game day. <or>

tree: you can start-wit-me-last (see Cheddarhead dictionary)



Hey Central Florida Packer Backers!

As you know the NFL schedule came out Wednesday night at 8:00PM.  The Packers play in Tampa on Sunday Dec 21st, 2014.  Since the release of the schedule, things have been moving really quickly.  We contacted the Buccaneers ticket office and they have told us that the tickets are selling very fast.

We don't have time to purchase a block of tickets like we usually do so YOU NEED TO CONTACT THE BUCS DIRECTLY and buy them yourself.  Tell them you are with the Central Florida Packer Backers and when we have a group of over 50 people everyone will get a $10 concession voucher.  That's like getting a free beer!

The number to call is...
Erin Lewis
813-870-2700 ext 2217


We obviously have not had time to organize a bus trip in only 24 hours.  We will do our best to make that happen but at this time no guarantees.  The good news is the game is not till December so we have a lot of time to organize that.

Sorry for the short notice but this is what the Bucs told us today.


Fifth Quarter Hangover

Packer Mike #110 and Packer Brian #777 have been celebrating the 'Fifth Quarter' for the past couple two-tree months, uff-dah... and someone just told us the 2014 NFL schedule just came out. Holy-cry-yiy!

We have been receiving many emails from youse... rest assured we are off our dupas making phone calls.  Info coming soon!