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It’s the CFPB’s unusually unique award-winning newsletter! For exclusive Green Bay Packers news we guarantee you won't find anywhere else, click on the PackerPage logo above. News about the CFPB club in Orlando can be found below. And if you’re a Chicago Bears fan, congratulations! You’ve learned to read!


Say what?  Yes, it's true, it's true.  Some lucky 2017 CFPB member is going to win two tickets this Sunday to the Packers/Bucs game at Lambeau field on December 3rd.  What's the catch?  There isn't one.  All you gotta do is be a current CFPB member, be at Sideshow when we draw the ticket, and be able to go to the game.  Tickets, like tattoos, are NOT transferable.

On top of that Sunday is our BREW CREW HULLABALOO!  A friend of ours who has a high-level job deep inside the Milwaukee Brewers organization sent us a BIG box of Brewers stuff to give to youse guys.  Nice, huh?  The Brew Crew is fighting for a playoff spot so come on out and support two Wisconsin teams at once!


Another date night on the davenport playing Euchre and you might lose your significant other to a FIB.  Criymany-cripes-sake!  Believe-you-me, here's a date night Packers movie for the boad of you.  Grab some cheese curds and a Leine and get your tickets.  Remember, Cheeseheads don't budge in line.

(this is NOT a CFPB outing, this is just us sharing info with you).

The 60 Yard Line (The 60) is based on a true story and centers around Packer fan Ben “Zagger” Zagowski (Ryan Churchill) and his best friend, Bears fan, Nick Polano (Nick Greco), who buy a house in the parking lot of Lambeau Field; the legendary home of the Green Bay Packers.  The house, nicknamed The 60 Yard Line, comes in between Zagger and his longtime fiancĂ©, Amy Etzman (Kim Crossman).  The film is set during a pivotal year (2009) when Packer great Brett Favre left to play for NFC North rivals, the Minnesota Vikings.  The movie features former Green Bay Packers; John Kuhn, Mark Tauscher, Michael Montgomery, Gary Ellerson and Ahman Green

NOW PLAYING EXCLUSIVELY at Barnstorm Theater in The Villages.
2720 Brownwood Blvd

The Villages, Florida  32163
(352) 259-1111

(repeat, this is NOT a CFPB club outing)


A couple-two-tree-tings...

Ting 1Hope everyone is safe and getting somewhat back to normal after the storm. (And youse guys have some electricity)

Ting 2Week 2 is now the "HAPPY NEW YEAR, FOOTBALL IS HERE, LET'S DRINK FREE BEER" party.  Starting at 6:00pm Sunday we are having a pre-game tailgate party in Wall Street Plaza.

Tasty brats, potato salad, and a bunch of other treats will be served with A FREE KEG OF MILLER LITE!  Come early, join the CFPB for 2017, and get this year's mug before everyone else hogs the free beer.

Ting 3The Packers start beating the Falcons at 8:30pm.  At kickoff we will have ANOTHER FREE KEG of Miller Lite along with all our usual festivities, songs, polkas, and half-price halftime.

So get off your dupa, join the groupa (and the CFPB), and have some fun. 
After this last week we all deserve it!


Due to Hurricane Irma we regrettably have to cancel the tailgate party and watching the game at Sideshow this Sunday. We were hoping the weather would be more cooperative but no such luck. Sideshow will be closed so their people can be safely home for the storm. Everyone-please be careful.

The good news is week 2 will become the "HAPPY NEW YEAR, FOOTBALL IS HERE, LET'S DRINK FREE BEER" party. That means all 2017 members at Sideshow will get a FREE Miller Lite mug and we will have not one, but TWO free kegs of Miller Lite!
On top of that we will have a pre-game tailgate party in Wall St. plaza. Tasty brats, potato salad, and a bunch of other yummy Wisconsin treats will be served starting at 6:00 pm...along with the first free keg of Miller Lite! Get there early and get your 2017 beer mug before everyone else hogs the free beer!

Oh, and a couple-two-tree otter words of advice for getting through the storm.
Don't run out of beer!



Hello Packer fans. As of this moment (Tuesday) we are still planning on having the pre-game tailgate and, of course, the Packer game as originally scheduled, but that can certainly change due to new hurricane Irma information coming in daily. Like youse guys, we are watching this hurricane very closely and will let you know if the events will need to be postponed. We are in contact with our friends at Wall St. Plaza and plan to have a final decision made in a day or two. We will keep you informed via our Facebook page as we go. We appreciate your patience!
And, of course, GO PACK!

21st Annual Packer Picnic

Wow! It's that time of year again, the Central Florida Packer Backers will gather together for the club's  21st Annual "Packer Picnic" set for Sunday, August 13th, 2017 starting at noon.  Same place for the picnic, and once again we will have a keg of FREE Miller Lite beer!  Picnic is at VFW post 2093, 4444 Edgewater Drive in Orlando, 32804 (just north
of Fairbanks Ave).

The covered pavilion is huge, has a big screen TV, a tiki bar and lots of fans to keep everyone cool. It's on Lake Fairview, so bring your boat or jet ski ... and there's a dock and a beach for swimming. Bring your swimmin' suits!  There's lots of waterfront space for your tents and the events. And ... a full liquor bar inside with mixed drinks and shots for purchase for you seasoned Packer fans.

After the picnic, we will retire to the air conditioned bar for some more fun into the evening!

Water, sodas, and beer are free while they last.  After that the drinks are cheap (it is a VFW post doan-cha-know)  BUT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BRING ALCOHOL TO THE PICNIC, AS THEY DON'T WANT TO LOSE THEIR LIQUOR
LICENSE.  Leave the beer coolers at home ... if not, you will be asked to leave.

As usual, we'll have plenty of free food, including Johnsonville brats, Chris' wonderful German potato salad and corn-on-the-cob!  All we ask is that each member bring a quality dish to share... and we ain't talkin' about a Sports
Illustrated swimsuit model either!  Just like always, we're very fortunate to have Joe Mama's pros cater the event.   With events like the "Bear Punting Competition" and the perennial favorite "Beer & Brat Speed Eating Contest" you would have to be a Bears fan to not have a good time.

How can you help?

Got an extension cord?  There's a bunch of outlets for us.  Got a fan?  Bring 'em if you got 'em.  Even though there are lots of ceiling fans a few more can't hurt.  That's why it's always cool at Lambeau ... there's a fan in every seat!  If you have one of those industrial fans like they have at Home Depot, all the better.
Most of youse guys are picnic veterans so you know what to do.

If you can help with any events, setup, or anything else please let us know.

So get off your dupa and join the groupa!  As always, no pets or FIBs.  Don't forget to renew your membership, it's still only $20! Sign up forms available at the picnic. Your twenty really will get you plenty!

Dont't Forget!! Packer Picnic Sunday Aug 13th

In case you missed the 101st annual July 4th hot dog eating contest at Coney Island, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut won, eating 72 hot dogs in 10 minutes.  He also holds the world record for bratwursts with 70 in 10 minutes…yikes!

The Central Florida Packer Backer version is the “Brat/Beer speed eating/drinking contest” at the CFPB picnic.  The good news is you don’t have to eat 70 brats like Joey, just 1 as fast as you can…with a beer.  Sounds pretty easy in comparison, huh?  Even if you don’t participate it’s a lot of fun to watch.  Hopefully no one has a “reversal of fortune”!

The  21st annual Packer Picnic is set for Sunday, Aug 13th starting at noon.  Same great place, VFW post 2093 at 4444 Edgewater Drive in Orlando, 32804 (just north of Fairbanks Ave).  

We will have tons of food and drinks…and cool games like the Brat Eating Contest!

Way more details coming soon….mark your calendars!