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We are the Central Florida Packer Backers (CFPB for short).  We have one of the largest Packers fan clubs in the country (outside of Wisconsin).  Yep, all the way down here in Orlando, FL and we have one of the biggest fan clubs.  Established back in 1987, our club has just surpassed signing up our 2,300th member... with approximately 200-300 active members on game-days.

We gather together at a bar located in downtown Orlando called 'SIDESHOW' (new for 2014: formerly One Eyed Jacks and The Loaded Hog)... and we also spill over into two adjoining bar (Wall St Cantina).  Yes, that's right, we need multiple bars to hold all of our Packers fans (plus some outdoor seating too).  you have to see it to believe it.  I pretty much guarantee that once you see what we are doing, you'll be hooked just like I was.  FYI: all TV's are showing the Packers game.  They cater to 'only' to us (Packers fans).

Throughout the season (for only our club members):
We give away thousands of dollars worth of Packers prizes.
On two occasions, we give away a pair of tickets to go to Lambeau Field.
We give away free beer a few times a year.
We have a day where all members get free shots every time the Packers score.
We have a Jagermeister day (good for the common cold).
We will be having a Captain Morgan day (new).
We have a Happy New Year tailgate party at the beginning of every NFL season.

What do we do during the bye-week?  Bye Week Bash of course!  You can never get tired of watching the Packers win the Superbowl again.

We have a preseason picnic.  The picnic is usually approximately 2 weeks before the 1st preseason game.  Make sure to sign-up to receive our club emails.

We have had newspaper articles written about us in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Milwaukee, Madison & Green Bay.  We have been written about in the 'Packer Report' (we were named the #1 hotbed for all Packers fans).

We've been on TV here in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay.

We have written many funny newsletters.

We have joined the ranks of people on Facebook.

We have had former Packers players join us to watch games... and actually join our club.

To join in the fun, our membership fee is $20/year.  That's it.
If you show up every week, you'll get more than $20 worth of free stuff.  How can we give away so much stuff?  We take almost all of the money we collect to buy prizes to give back to our club members (some money goes towards our annual picnic and bye-week bash).  We also receive many prizes to donate to our club members.  You can join our club whenever you show up.  Even if you don't want to join our club, you can still watch the game(s) with us.  The only difference is that you won't be eligible to receive all the free stuff and the many prizes that we give away.

The doors to 'SIDESHOW' open approximately 1 hour before game time on Sundays (Wall St Cantina is always open well before).