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We have hundreds of active club members and over 1,000 people on our email list.  We receive many questions.  Many of those questions are repeated over and over.  Dasn't need to be that way.  For cymany-cripes-sake, please read dis.

What do I get for joining your club?  First of all, your parents and grandparents will be proud of you.  You will receive a new CFPB membership card.  You will receive a free MillerLite mug with your membership number written on it... for you to use all season long to get CFPB discount MillerLite refills.  You will also on special occasions, be eligible to receive FREE beer, FREE shots, FREE food... and hundreds of Packers related prizes.

What should I do when I arrive on game-day?  Make sure that sign-in on our sign-in sheet(s) with your membership number.  We usually have a clipboard/pen at the front table.  Why should you sign-in?  Because we take your membership number and write it on a ticket that we place in a jar.  During the game, we randomly pull numbers out to give away prizes.

How do I win Packer club prizes?   See above answer AND remember that to win some of our big prizes (tickets to Lambeau), the more often you show up, the more you better your chance of winning.  At the end of every game, we take all of the filled out tickets and place them into another container to be later used to pull a winning number.

Do I really need to carry my CFPB membership card with me on game-day?  YES, you should keep your membership card with you when you come to watch a game with us.  you should automatically show your card whenever you win any prize.  If you lose your membership card, come and get another one from us.  We won't charge you.

Must I be present to win?  YES, if we pull your number... and you have left the building, we will pull another number to give prize to someone else.

I don't like the prize that I won.  Can I switch it for something else?   The answer = no.  We don't have a large inventory of different size clothing.  If you win it... and you don't want it, please let us give it to someone else.

When do the doors of the bars open on game-day?  Typically the doors will open 1 hour before kick-off on game days.  There have been some exceptions.  Always make sure to read our blog posts to get latest updates.

'HOOCH' fills up fast... how can I get to sit in 'HOOCH'?  There are only so many chairs to sit in.  Because of this fact, many people show up early to stand in line on the street before the doors open.  If 'HOOCH' does fill up, there are still plenty of seats in 'SHINE'... and outside in the plaza (if the weather is nice).  There are many HD TV's that have been installed.  Plenty screens to watch.  Please note that when the doors open to 'HOOCH', you are not allowed to run in, throw your jacket on a table, and say that you get the entire table.  You are not allowed to hold an entire table by yourself when so many others are waiting in line. Your 'group' should be with you... and not show up later.

How can I get a reserved table?  The current group of people that have the reserved tables are people that have been in the CFPB club for a long long time.  We do have a waiting list of people interested in obtaining a reserved table.  It is like being on the waiting list for season tickets at Lambeau Field.  Some people have been on the list for years.  See Packer Mike.

When is the annual Packer Backer Picnic?  Make sure to check-in with our Facebook page to get the latest info... and/or make sure we have a 'working' email address for you.  We send out emails to let everyone know.

When do the Packer Backers gather for the annual MS Walk?   The event happens typically in early part of the year March-April.  Make sure to check our blog in the off-season to get the latest info. 

I lost the free MillerLite mug you gave me when I signed up... can I get another one? NO... and we will not babysit your mug for you.  If you leave it behind, the staff will throw them out.

Do you have phone numbers for any of the Miller Girls (Ivana Miller, Anita Miller & Olive Miller)? NO, I am sorry we do not.  You will have to ask them yourself.

Can the CFPB club rent a limo so that we can go pick up Vince Lombardi's daughter who lives in Jacksonville... so she can watch a game with us?  the answer is YES... as long as you pay for the limo