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It's Draft Night, Let's Drink Some Cheap Drafts... and Get a Free Packers Hat too!

(Actual picture of free hat. MVP not included)

Thursday night (April 26th) is NFL draft night.
Let's welcome our new Packers with some drafts!

Come on down to Wall St. Plaza, not at our usual Sideshow but at Hooch, which is pert-neer turn-the-corner-round, just on the other side of the plaza. 
Ona-cona the draft picks get free Packer hats when they get picked, we are giving all CFPB members in attendance a FREE PACKER HAT (while they last).  Draft starts at 8:00PM.  Packers pick 14th (unless they trade up!)

Here's the CFPB mock draft picks...
Round 1: $3 Miller Lite, Coors, Yuengling, and Purple  Haze drafts.
Round 2:  $3 moonshine shots.
Round 3:  $3 Bird-dog whiskey.
Round 4:  $4 Fireball shots.
Round 5:  $5 3-Olives Vodkas.
Round 6:  $7 PITCHERS of Miller Lite or Coors.

Get off your dupa and join the groupa!

Hooch:  Wall St. Plaza 25 Wall St. Orlando, FL 32801