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This Saturday isn't just Christmas Eve, it's happy Packer day too!
Sideshow will, of course, have the Packers game on all the big screens just like usual. 

The bar is open but the kitchen will be closed so feel free to bring whatever food or snacks your little heart desires-even fruitcake!

There might even be a visit from Packer Claus himself, with gifts for the good boys and girls, and maybe for some of the naughty ones too!

If you haven't finished your Christmas shopping yet we do have a very limited supply of candles and Central Florida Packer Backer T-shirts for sale to add to your Christmas cheer.

Speaking of cheer, it's also Captain Morgan Day with extra specials on top of the usual specials...Arrrrr me mateys!

The Packers now control their own destiny to the playoffs so get off your dupa, join the groupa, and cheer the Pack on to victory over those nasty Vikings!
Ho Ho Ho...Go Pack Go!