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Happy Packer New Year !!! (this Sun Sept 18th)


PRE GAME TAILGATE AT WALL STREET PLAZA  Starting at 5:30pm we will kick off the New NFL Year in style with a tailgate party outside at Wall St. Plaza. Tasty brats, potato salad, and other Wisconsin treats as well as a FREE KEG of Miller Lite! (while it lasts)

... and then at 8:30pm KICKOFF... HAPPY PACKERS NEW YEAR !!!
(most of youse were in Jacksonville last week)
All 2016 CFPB members at SIDESHOW will kick off the new NFL year with a free Miller Lite mug and free beer...yes, MORE free beer! (while it lasts).  Your personalized mug will then be good for $3.00 Miller Lite refills anytime this season during Packers games.  Hey, what would a New Year’s party be without party favors and prizes?  Yep, we got those too!  Remember, you’ll need your mug (not your face) for cheap Miller Lite refills so don’t get drunk and lose it...your mug or your face!