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Come on out to the Winter Park Alehouse (1251 Lee Rd at Hwy 17-92) this Saturday from 7-9 pm, have a little sumthin' to eat, have a couple-two-tree beers, and get your Packers/Jags bus tickets too.  This is the same Alehouse that the bus will leave from on the way to Jacksonville September 11th so if you come out Saturday at least you'll know where you're going before the bus leaves! 

Wear Packer stuff and get $8 pitchers of Miller Lite... Or don't wear Packer stuff and still get $8 pitchers of Miller Lite, 'cause they have that special all the time...good deal!

The price of this year's bus trip is only $40 a ticket, which is 1/3 less than the 2014 Tampa bus trip but it is BYOE (Bring your own everything). We take cash, cash, cash, and good checks. (Did I mention cash?)

Since this is the 1st game of the year we don't have the luxury of buying tickets during games at Sideshow. Instead we will have a few of these ticket get-togethers at different places. It's nice to see your Packer friends during the off-season too!  But remember, when the bus tickets are gone, they're gone.

Be there or be Bear!