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Hut Hut... Brat!

Ya dere hey Central Florida Packer Backers!

Tell your Packer Backer friends, neighbors, relatives (even your crazy Uncle Romy),  that the official 19th annual CFPB Picnic is,  drumroll please......

SUNDAY, AUGUST 2ND from 11:00am to 4:00 (that's in the daytime).

Same great place, the pavilion on the lake at VFW Post 2093, which is at 4444 Edgewater Drive in Orlando, just north of Fairbanks Avenue.  With, of course the legendary food and games , AND A HUUUGE SURPRISE!  We will even have our own private bartender!

Lots of details to follow.  Just wanna give youse guys a heads up so you can plan ahead, change your vacation, pull the kids out of summer school, tell your boss to kiss your dupa if he won't give you the day off...etc.

It is the social event of the summer, can't ya almost taste the brats and beers already?

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Wouldn't want you to miss nothin'.
Be there or be Bear!