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Happy New Year to all youse guys from the CFPB!  Did you make any New Year's resolutions (besides the Packers winning the Super Bowl)?  If yours was to get in shape and lose weight you're in luck.  Thanks to our friends at the Miller Brewing Company you can lose a couple-two-tree pounds by drinking Miller Lite and get in shape with your new MILLER LITE BICYCLE!

tested and approved in training camp by Aaron

Yes, some lucky CFPB member is going home with this very cool bike this Sunday after we round up the Cowgirls.  So bring a truck, SUV, or just ride home in style on your new bike...awesome, or what?

Oh, and don't forget the doors to SIDESHOW open at 12:00 noon.  Get there early for the best's the playoffs, doan-cha-know.  Get off your dupa and join the groupa, somebody's gonna win the bike, it may as well be you!