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If you were lucky and early enough to get tickets through the CFPB to the Packers/Bucs game on Dec 21st we will have your game and bus ticket(s) available at SIDESHOW starting this Sunday, Nov 9th. If you can't make the game this Sunday we will have them available at SIDESHOW up till the Bills game on Dec 14th.  YOU HAVE TO PICK YOUR TICKETS UP, WE AIN'T NO FEDEX DOAN 'CHA KNOW.  

Due to the great demand for another bus if you got tickets to the game yourself and want to be part of our group we will have a second bus for all of youse (first paid, first served of course).
Since you already have a game ticket the bus/tailgate tickets are $60 each. That includes a round trip on a swanky luxury motorcoach, snacks and soft drinks on the bus, and a nice little tailgate lunch in the parking lot in Tampa before the game. We even show Packer DVD's on the TVs. Told ya it was swanky!

* See Packer Mike #110 at SIDESHOW to buy your ticket(s).  We accept cash, cash, cash and good checks.