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CFPB Bladder Buster

Packer Mike #110 and Packer Brian #777 hard at work, for youse.

After going through weeks of pain, Mike and I can't hold our bladders any longer.  Believe-you-me, we have a couple two-tree tings to share with youse.

1.  Youse will find that our blog has gone thru many updates.  Feel free to click around.  There were a buncha One Eyed Jacks and Loaded Hogs to be dealt wit.
2.  You can now access our 2014 membership form online, if you can't wait to fill out a form when you come down to watch the games.
3.  the 2014 CFPB event schedule has been uploaded/make sure to read it. (more updates will be coming soon too!)

When we say, 'Your $20 will get you plenty!', we mean it.  There's plenty of excitement ahead doan-cha-know.  You'll have to keep checking back on our blog, but here's a teaser...

2014... we are going to have a brand new bar, new membership cards, there will be moments of Free Miller Lite, new bigger Miller Lite mugs in colors we've never had before, the Miller Ladies will be visiting us for a bunch of games, tailgate party, giving away 2 tickets to Lambeau Field in week #3, not only will there be a 'Ladies Night', but we will be also be celebrating 'Ladies YEAR!, another 2 tickets to Lambeau Field (did I mention 50-yard line?), Shot day, Jagermeister day, Captain Morgan day, new Lombardi prayer candles for our members (plus you can still get Aaron... and shirtless Clay Matthews candles), we already have over 250 people going to the Packers-Bucs game in Tampa, AND we will be giving away a Miller Lite Bicycle at the end of the season.

I think there's more, but I need to go to the warsh room.  Stay tuned!