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The Joseph Martens Packer Backer VS The Juice Pimp Buccaneer Fan Midsummer Brunch Experience

you won't be able to say that clearly, once you've finished your FREE BEER !
Maxine's on Shine circa 1958 where Vince Lombardi was known to pace back and forth on the sidewalk because the Packers finished with a record of 1-10-1 (worst in Packers history).  The following year he took the job as head coach.

Where's yur Buccaneers ?
Come on out for a pre-preseason get-together to hear fellow CFPB Joseph Martens jam with his band, the Hindu Cowboys.  Here's the deal:  if you are wearing your Packers gear, you'll receive one FREE BEER, $2 off draft and wine, $1 off beer bottles, $10 off bottles of wine.  Their food is delicious too.  menu

When and where you say?
Saturday June 28th: noon till 3:00pm
Maxine's on Shine
337 N. Shine Avenue Orlando, FL 32803