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Central Florida Packer Backers are NOT moving

uff-dah my fellow Cheeseheads...

... the bad news (make sure to read the 'GOOD' news below)

As quite a few people in the CFPB community noticed, there was an article in the Orlando Sentinel entitled, "Goodbye to One Eyed Jacks, Loaded Hog".

Yes, May 5th 2014 Cinco de Mayo will be the last time you will be able to hoist a Heine (no, not in the warsh room) at the the two bars.

Wall Street Plaza management has informed the Central Florida Packer Backers that... starting on May 6th, both One Eyed Jacks and The Loaded Hog will be gutted for a total renovation.

... the good news

We don't know what the name of the new bar is going to be (we suggested One Eyed Packs instead), but we do know:

1.  both 'old' bars will be combined into ONE SPACE (woohoo!)
2.  new bar is going to be awesome! (just like all other Wall Street bars are)
3.  there will be more 80" HD screens (that's HD = humdinger in Wisconsin... to the rest of the world it means something else)

other possible 'leaked' renovations:
4.  bratwurst-shaped hand sanitizer dispensers in warsh rooms.  The hand sanitizer will even be colored cheddar yellow.
5.  sensors will be mounted in the warsh rooms stalls.  If you sit longer than the designated time, over the ceiling speakers you will hear Vince Lombardi yell, "What the hell is going on in there!"
6.  every time the new auto-flush men's urinals flush, a sound byte will play "High Life!"  Urinals will come with the standard Chicago bears logo in the bottom.
7.  women's restroom stalls will ALL have posters of shirtless Clay Mathews (don't forget about #5 above)

So, keep practicing your off-season drinking of Miller Lite, there's no reason to stop.   Wall Street Plaza is still home to the Central Florida Packer Backers