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4 !!!!!!!! (nope, Favre not coming out of retirement)

Hey dere Packers fans,
As youse probably already know, our Bucky Badgers are in the Final 4 doan-cha-know!

Our friends down at Wall Street Plaza are starting a block party early on Saturday night.  Just like when you watch the Packers play… all the screens will be show’in Bucky beat the Wildcats.  Believe-you-me there will also be a 16 foot big screen out in da plaza.  Come on down to watch the first game so you can have a couple-two-tree brews to loosen yur joints!

Doors open @ 5:00pm
Game #1 @ 6:09pm – (7)Connecticut vs. (1)Florida Gators

Game #2 @ 8:49pm – (8)Kentucky vs. (2) Scansin Badgers