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Say what?  Yes!  You can see the award winning play, "Lombardi" live with your Central Florida Packer Backer friends.  The CFPB is going to see the play on SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23RD AT 7:30 PM.  tickets: click here.  Buy 'em early cause it will probably sell-out quick. We don't have an "official" group so everyone can buy their tix separately.

This production is put on by the Bay Street Players at the historic State Theatre in beautiful downtown Eustis.  Where the hell is Eustis you ask?  It's right by Mount Dora about 45 minutes from Orlando.

And what would a Packers event be without a couple-two-tree beers beforehand?  We have that covered too, theres a great bar/restaurant about a block from the theater called The Crazy Gator. Listen to this, they even have an all-you-can-eat fish fry for $8.99 on Sundays...and 55-cent wings...and cheap beer. Believe-you-me, you will think Eustis is in Wisconsin!

The play is based on the awesome book "When Pride Still Mattered-A life of Vince Lombardi".  It's so good even Bears fans should read it...except it has a bunch of big words in it they wouldn't understand.

Wanna go?  After you buy your tickets send an email to so we know can tell the guy at the bar how many are comin'. Rumor has it they make a mean Manhattan too...Holy Cripes!