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(January 4, 2014) --- The forecast for Green Bay, Wisconsin this Sunday calls for a high of zero-degrees with a low of 24-degrees... below zero!  And that's not even factoring in the wind chill!

All Central Florida Packer Backers will be gathering at club headquaters at One Eyed Jack's in downtown Orlando this Sunday afternoon in a show of solidarity with their Green Bay brethren who will be freezing their asses off while sitting on those comfortable metal seats up at Lambeau Field on January 5th.

"We will be feeling their pain," says CFPB Head Cheese Mike Gottlieb, "by serving super-cold beer and by adding a complimentary extra ice-cube or two to all beverages of Packer Backers who will be watching the Green Bay-San Francisco game with us in the Wall Street Plaza this Sunday."

CFPB Wes Hoaglund dug out his Packers mittens and scarf immediately after hearing that the wind-chill temperature outside of One Eyed Jack's this Sunday may fall into the lower-60s by game's end.

As usual, lots of fantastic Packers-related prizes will be given away during the game, including a really nice replica Super Bowl XLV ring... just like the one Ben Roethlesburger doesn't have!

With the temperature sinking to record lows by game time, this NFL play-off battle will certainly be historic... so be sure to get to One Eyed Jack's early!  Seat-warmers not included.