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CFPB 2013 members come celebrate Thanksgiving with the rest of your CFPB family at One Eyed Jack’s!  We’ll supply the turkey… all we ask is that you bring a quality tasty dish to the table to share with all your Packer pals.  We’ll feed our faces while we watch our Packers pick-apart the Detroit Turkeys.

We will have a sign-up sheet at the head table at One Eyed Jack's this Sunday where you can let us know how many people are coming and what side dishes you are bringing. We also want to coordinate the stuff youse guys are bringing so we don't end up with a bunch of the same things.  Everyone seems to have a specialty, or a good family recipe...think about bringing a little bit of home to your home away from home.

Or, you can send the same info to, we gotta know how much turkey to make, doan 'cha know.

We need to know who is coming, and what you are bringing, by Monday, November 25th, so please plan ahead.

For those of you who have joined us in the past it really is a nice time for those of us who may not have family here...cause your Packer family is here! 

… now let’s talk about the details.

PARKING (helpful hint)
It may be a holiday, but please be aware that you might ‘not’ be able to park on Orange Avenue on a Thursday afternoon.

The doors to One Eyed Jacks will be opened at the typical 1-hour before kickoff.

This is a holiday for all of the employees at Wall Street Plaza. They are wanting to spend time with their families too.  Luckily for us, ONE of their staff members volunteered to come in, open the bar and serve us drinks during the Thanksgiving Day game.  Please exercise patience when you are waiting to order a drink. Also, please show your gratitude… and make sure to leave the staff member a good holiday tip.

Seating is limited…Only One-Eyed Jack's will be open. so get there a little early, and be gracious to allow all of your tables to be full of your friendly Packer friends.

This is a FEAST, please bring one of your favorite family holiday dishes to share… no bags of potato chips please.  The bar will be supplying us with our buffet table(s), plates, silverware and napkins… but, we need to be self-sufficient.   If you are bringing a crock pot, please bring an extension cord and/or power strip.  If you need aluminum foil or serving spoons, or anything else that I am not thinking of… please bring them from home as well.


Just so everyone knows ahead of time, we will ‘not’ be giving out prizes during the Thanksgiving Day game. We will be, along with all of you, sitting peacefully and watching the game… thankful that we are Packers fans!