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Your $20 Will Get You Plenty !

The Central Florida Packer Backer club has been around for 26 years.  I joined the club back in 1997 and was given membership #777 (it's a sign!).  That season, I won 7 prizes and received free food, free shots, free bowling and free beer on multiple occasions... all for just the cost of membership.  Why do I bring this up?
(left to right: Packer Hector #2205, Packer KT #2205 & Packer Michael #2201)

Ask new member Packer Katie #2204 (center above) who won the coveted Chicago Bear Punting trophy on her very first day.  She kicked the s!@# out of that Bear!

It pays to be a Central Florida Packer Backer.  Go get off your dupa and join the groupa!  Packer Brian #777