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Who's running this joint?

Want to know how to tell the difference between your cheeses?  Well, I'm here to help with a couple two-tree photos.

left to right: Mike, Wendy & Vickie

Head Cheese - CFPB #110 Mike Gottlieb: you all know him because you have to listen to him on the microphone.  As a former geriatric supper club comedian, Mike exceeds in his role of leading our club.  Please limit fast movements in close proximity and don't yell out 'number two!', he's been clobbered by quite a few bed pans in his day.

Cheese Curds (squeaky cheese) - CFPB #1754 Wendy Feikert and CFPB #1755 Vickie Dean:  while you are watching the game, these two lovely ladies are always working hard for you.  If you are in the witness protection program, don't stand too close to Wendy, or she'll check-you-in on Facebook!  Vickie loves kittens, drinking Jagermeister shots... and hugs from everyone.

talent artist on the left: CFPB #1165 'Cartoon' Dave Mitchell
no talent hack on the right: CFPB #777 Brian OHalloran

String Cheese - CFPB #777 Brian OHalloran: seen, but rarely heard, Brian quietly works in the background pulling-the-strings, or is it being pulled?... or is it pull my finger?  Want to Photoshop Mike Ditka on urinal cakes? or Brian Urlacher's face on a dog turd?  He's your man.