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Can you believe it?  In just 13 days the Packers will kick off their 95th season, and the Central Florida Packer Backers will kick off season number style, I might add.

The game starts at 4:25pm on Sunday, Sept 8th,  but since we can't wait for things to get rolling there's a TAILGATE PARTY AT 1:00pm.  CFPB members will enjoy free brats, potato salad, and other tasty Wisconsin treats before the game. AND, since we didn't get to do it at the pic-a-nic, the Titletown Toilet Seat Toss, or TTST, will be part of the pre-game festivities...complete with trophies!

You have to be a member to partake of  the tailgate party, but don't worry, you can join or renew right there at Wall St Plaza.  We told you your $20 will get you plenty! oh, did I mention the FREE BEER?  Jeez O'Pete, if I was a Bears fan I'd try to join to get all that stuff for $20...but sorry, no FIBs allowed.

After that, you know we will be celebrating the new year in style, complete with our annual "Ring in the New Year" party complete with party horns and favors. This year we will really be "ringing" in the New Year because along with all the other prizes, some member is actually going to win a replica Packers championship ring!

So, to paraphrase Vince Lombardi,"What the hell are you waiting for? Let's toss some toilet seats!"  Get off your dupa and join the groupa.  See youse guys over dere!