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A Request from Great-Grandma Cheesehead:

(believe-you-me, you wouldn’t want to disappoint GG, n-so?)

Great-Grandma Cheesehead wants to remind everyone who plans on attending our annual CFPB Packer Picnic that it would make her very happy if each of you would bring a side-dish or dessert to the picnic.  GG Cheesehead said that she prefers her food to be homemade, so if you can take a few minutes of your time to prepare something, we might live to be as old and healthy as she is.

GG Cheesehead says, “Don’t be like my guldarn brother-in-law, who passed away long ago. He didn’t eat homemade cooking and… to top it off, he was a damn flatlander Bears fan.”

Please help make GG happy.  It takes all of us to make the picnic a success doan-cha-know.  Remember, no FIBS an no budging in line.

You are also in for a special treat...
cause we are also going to be hav'in some of that famous

(FYI: you don’t need to tell us what you are bringing… just bring it)

Two-tree bits of advice from GG:
(1) if you don't have time to make something homemade, please refrain from shopping at the DollarStore for food.  We don't need 20 bags of potato chips or 100 cookies that cost a buck. That kind of food gets left behind/thrown out every year.
(2) please do not bring something that will require us (mostly Joe Ma Ma) to perform more work.  If you buy something, take a moment to put it on a plate or platter or cut it up yourself.  We are your Packer family.  You should appreciate and thank the few people who volunteer to cook on the grill for you in this brutal heat.