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You're Invited to the Predators Party on June 15th!

(June 3, 2013) --- Time is ticking away! The CFPB/Orlando Predator game is Saturday, June 15th, less than two weeks away...wahoooo! Wanna have some good cheap fun? Well. our group that's going to the game is growing daily, and if you want to join the party there's still a little time.

Just send 25 bucks for each ticket so that we RECEIVE it by this Saturday, June 8th to...

PO BOX 3027
WINTER PARK FL 32789-3027
Don't dog it! Your Predators Party money is due this Saturday!  CFPB member #K-9 is obviously a big fan,  how about you?

Okay... here's all the detailed information about the...

Hey dere fellow Cheeseheads!  It’s been a long offseason, so it’s definitely time for some football. The draft was fun, we got a bunch of good guys, but it’s just a tease before Packer season starts. Sooo, since we’re jonesin’ for some football, we’re gonna go see the Predators (who are coming off one of the most exciting comebacks in history) at the Amway Center!
Because we know the owners, the CFPB was able to get choice LOWER LEVEL (section 103 and 104) tickets to the Preds vs the Cleveland Gladiators at 7:30 PM SATURDAY, JUNE 15th.
Wait till you hear this…these great seat tickets are only 25 bucks!  No, really...only $25! 
That includes a
pre-game and post-game party just for us at the Hooch Lounge (on Wall St. Plaza in the same complex as One-Eyed Jacks) at 5:00. Everyone wearing Packer stuff gets $2 Miller Lite drafts and $3 apple pie moonshine shots….Yeeehaaaa!  If you want to order dinner or a snack, the menu is full of deliciousness. The best part is it’s a short walk from the pre/post game party to the arena. Since we’re gonna be lookin’ so spiffy in our Packer duds we might even make it up on the JumboTron. We told ya we have an "in" with the Preds, remember?

All you need to do to join us is to send a list of who’s going, a phone number of someone we can contact, and a check totaling $25 for each person made out to the Central Florida Packer Backers so we receive it BY JUNE 8TH to:

PO BOX 3027
WINTER PARK, FL  32790-3027

We will have the tickets for you at the pre-game party.  If you can't make the party or want the tickets mailed to you enclose a
self addressed stamped envelope with your check. So get off your dupa and join the groupa!

Consider the Preds game a picnic warmup...It will be a great time, and a great time to see all your CFPB buddies in the off-season too!  Speaking of the picnic...
And if that's not enough to get your football fix, there's...drum roll please...THE PACKER PICNIC ON SUNDAY AUGUST 11TH!  Wow, this is better than being on a game show!  Circle your calendars, take off work, cancel your vacations, cause this is the social event of the summer!  Same great place as last year... the VFW Pavilion at 4444 Edgewater Drive just north of Fairbanks on Lake Fairview.  Check the Facebook page for updates.