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Want to Win a Pair of "Lambeau Leap" Seats?

(November 1, 2012) --- Some lucky Central Florida Packer Backer member is going to Lambeau!  Yep, it's true... and it just could be you! This Sunday's game (November 4th) against Arizona is not only a very important game as far as the Packers season goes, its also "Lambeau Leap" drawing day. All season long we have been putting CFPB membership numbers of everyone in attendance in a high-security plastic jar. Your number goes in once for satellite games and twice for games that are on home TV. That means you have about a dozen chances to win if you have been at CFPB club headquarters at One-Eyed Jack's for every game so far this year. If we pick your number, you will be going to Lambeau Field for the Packers/Titans game on December 23rd and sitting in Section 135, row 3Nice!

If you win the CFPB club's big drawing this Sunday, this could be you signaling the next successful "Lambeau Leap!" 
There are only two rules to the contest. One; you must be present to win at One-Eyed Jack's when the number is picked... and two; you have to go to the game.
Who knows, you could quite possibly be grabbing Randall Cobb in the ass later this year at Lambeau Field in Titletown, USA!