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Jaguars, Jagermeister and Jag-o-lanterns!

(October 24, 2012) --- Well, the Green Bay Packers next victim is the Jacksonville Jaguars, it is Halloween, and everyone loves Jagermeister, soooo.... let's put them all together and see how much Fall fun we can have!

Bring your Packer Pumpkin to One Eyed Jack's for the CFPB Halloween Party this Sunday! Don't worry, the Vampire won't be there... he'll be on his coffin break.

Bring a Packer-styled carved pumpkin, maybe wear a football themed costume, and possibly win a little sumpthin'-sumpthin' from the CFPB prize stash at One Eyed Jack's-o-Lantern in downtown Orlando.  And while our Packers will be playing a trick on Jacksonville, you just may be getting a nice treat!

All we know is it's some good holiday fun too... Mr. Jagermeister will make sure of that!

So, don't be a Jag... get off your dupa and join the groupa!