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Central Florida Packer Backer Bye Week Bash!

(October 31, 2012) --- You can say you heard it here first!  The CFPB Bye-Week Bash is going to be... (drum roll please)... "Cheeseheads in Paradise!"

Be sure to mark your calendar for Sunday, November 11th at 1pm for Packer Backers, a Party plus a Pool!

As you know, Green Bay won't be playing that weekend, but we sure will be... playing in the sun that is!  Try that on the frozen tundra.  In fact, the only thing frozen at this Packer Party will be the margaritas.
Here's a nice picture of Larry's backyard including his beautiful kidney-shaped swimming pool!  Larry says he had it built in the exact shape and dimensions of Chester Marcol's left kidney.

All CFPB 2012 members are invited to Packer Larry's "Packer Parrot Tiki Bar" to watch some football from his swimming pool or while relaxing with a beverage at his awesome Tiki Bar.  The CFPB club will have an open bar (beer and some booze) and lots of snacks (while they last)... and they should last a long time 'cause there's gonna be lots of 'em, doan 'cha know.

Where is Paradise, you ask?  And how do I RSVP?

Well, get out that GPS or Rand McNaly because the address is: 8322 Gandy Way, Orlando, 32810.

"See youse guys in Paradise!"

Now remember, you need to let us know you're coming by NOVEMBER 7TH so Larry knows how much booze and food to get.

Be sure to RSVP Packer Larry at <or> give him a call on his cell at 407-923-1345.

Larry says, "Don't forget to bring your suit... no, not dat tree piece one... your swimmin' suit!  Also bring a patio chair or two, so ya got somewheres to park your dupa."