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Central Florida Packer Backer Kick-Off Party This Sunday

(September 6, 2012) --- Are you ready for the REAL first game of the 2012 season?! (Yeah, that Cowboys/Giants thing was just a dress rehearsal for those replacement refs.)
Say the magic phrase, "Win or lose, we still booze" to CFPB Head Cheese Packer Mike at the tailgate and get a complimentary shot of sarcasm.

Don’t forget that the first regular season Packers game is this Sunday September 9, 2012 at 4:15 PM.  Since this is the very first game of the year, the Central Florida Packer Backers club will be hosting an awesome "New (NFL) Year’s Party" at One Eyed Jack's (at the Wall Street Plaza right smack dab in the heart of downtown Orlando), complete with party favors, a New Year’s countdown, and free beer!

BUT... you'll want to get there early as you won't want to miss the pre-game tailgate party (free brats, potato salad, etc.) next door at the Waitiki Bar (right behind the Cantina on the other end of Wall Street) starting at 1pm.  While you're taking advantage of all of the tasty tailgate food, you can sign up as a CFPB member and get your official limited edition ‘2012 Beer Mug’ for a season-full of cheap Miller Lite

Here's just another reminder of what's happening this weekend...

SUNDAY, 1PM: Pre-Game Packers Tailgate Party at the Waitiki Bar
SUNDAY, 4PM: New (NFL) Year's Packers Viewing Party at One Eyed Jack's

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Go you Packers, go!