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It's Almost Packer Picnic Time!

The CFPB Packer Picnic
The new location of Central Florida Packer Backer Picnic (on Saturday, August 18, 2012 at noon) is VFW Post 2093 at 4444 Edgewater Drive in Orlando, 32804. Put it in your GPS because it’s a Great Packer Spot!  New place, more awesomeness than the last picnics... if that’s even possible.  Click this link if you are ‘NOT’ a Bears fan to read all the juicy details. Oh wait, you're already here.  Never mind.
Now's the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Packers. And grab a Johnsonville while you're there too!
3 Tings!
TING #1: Oh, and don’t forget to bring a quality dish.
TING #2: We need your help.  Packer Brian (me) will be out-of-town and miss the picnic this year.  Packer Mike will need some assistance with setting up, running events, and definitely clean-up.  We have always left the picnic area cleaner than we found it.  Reply to this email if you want to help.  Don’t worry, we’ll make it worth your while!
TING #3: To help avoid congestion on opening day (Sept 9th), please consider signing up early by paying your membership dues at the picnic.  Remember, your 20 will get you plenty!  Heck, you might even drink $20 worth of free beer at the picnic… yes, FREE BEER.  Did I forget to mention TWO free barrels of beer?

First Packers Game
Don’t forget that the first regular season Packers game is Sunday September 9, 2012 at 4:15 PM.  Since this is the very first game of the year we are going to have an awesome New (NFL) Year’s party, complete with party favors, a New Year’s countdown, and more FREE BEER!

NEW:  COME EARLY to join us for a pregame tailgate party at the Waitiki Bar (right behind the Cantina on the other end of Wall Street) starting at 12:30pm.  You can sign up early and get your ‘mug’ so you will not miss any of the game later on, plus you can fill your belly full of great food.  If you pass this opportunity up, you might as well become a Bears fan.

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