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Bears "Threat Level" At All-Time Low

(December 27, 2011) --- After dropping several consecutive games, missing the play-offs and supplementing their income by selling cocaine... we are happy to inform the Packer public that the Chicago Bears "Threat Level" has been downgraded to "LAME."

How low can you go?  Just remember: "Beaten Bears make good rugs."

Aside from being thugs, selling drugs and being complete losers... the NFL has already made plans to relocate the Chicago Bears to the league's new "Black & Blow" division.  Commissioner Roger Goodell figures the Dallas Cowboys will be in good company.

The last time Chicago's "Threat Level" was this low was in 1998 when the Bears were 4-12 and Dave Wannstedt was coaching the team from the sidelines with a bag over his head.

By-the-way... Make plans to be at Central Florida Packer Backers' club headquarters at One Eyed Jack's in downtown Orlando this Sunday for the Packers' last regular season game and the party that kicks off Green Bay's post-season!

Because we know you'll be out whooping it up on New Year's Eve and the Packers play on New Years' Day afternoon, the CFPB club will help nurse you back to health with Bloody Mary specials at Tylenols for all of you hungover Packer Backers!

(Above: Image "A") How to play CFPB Cornhole: Put the beanbag in the (A) hole and you could win an Aaron Rodgers jersey!

Also, at half-time during the Packers-Lions game, all CFPB members will compete for a choice Aaron Rodgers jersey in a special round of cornhole!  Now, who wouldn't want to bean Suh on the noggin'?  "Suh-eee, Suh-eee!"

Just four more wins!  Go you Packers, go!  See you this Sunday!