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The Latest News From the Central Florida Packer Backer Club


Fellow Central Florida Packer Backer club members Mike (#1208) and Sarah (#1561) entered a Packer fan photo contest, and out of over 1,800 submissions they are now one of the 25 finalists! Let's help them win by clicking here to vote!  Grab your mouse, and then look for the Mouse! If they get the most votes, you'll help send Mike and Sarah to see a game the Packers take on the Raiders at Lambeau Field!

Well, one thing is for sure... they all love cheese!  Be sure to vote this photo as your favorite and help send Packer Mike and Packer Sarah to Lambeau!


Congratulations to CFPB member Brian Wheat (#1795)! He and some lucky person are headed to the frozen tundra for some barley-pop, a fish fry, cheese curds and, oh yeah... to watch the Packers win while sitting in the "Lambeau Leap" seats he won from the CFPB club! Who knows, Brian might get to grab a Packer by the kiester!

CFPB member Brian Wheat (#1795) gets the thumbs-up from Head Cheese Mike Gottlieb (#110) after winning a pair of coveted "Lambeau Leap" seats this season from the club.  After this picture was snapped, Brian wanted to know that if a Packer did leap into his seat, exactly how many pats-on-the-ass are allowed before it's considered sexual harassment.


Everytime Green Bay plays on Thanksgiving, the Central Florida Packer Backer family comes together for their own special feast.  It always involves a good game, wonderful people and lots of tasty food!  And you're invited!  All we ask is that you bring a side-dish to share.  Next time you're at One Eyed Jack's, be sure to sign-up for our Thanksgiving Day Feast and let us know what you plan on bringing as we need a head-count so that we can determine how much turkey to buy. Also, let us know what side-dish you plan on bringing as we don't want 47 fruitcakes.  You can also sign-up by e-mailing us here.  Just be sure to include your name, CFPB membership number, phone number and what dish you plan on bringing with you.

Packers, beer and tables of tasty food!  What more could you ask for?
For anyone who has not attended one of the CFPB Thanksgiving Day feasts, you will not be disappointed with the amount, quality and variety of food!  Just be sure to bring your appetite as well!


If you remember bowling after drinking all those free beers, then thank you to all who came out and joined in the fun this past weekend. Blackmail pictures are posted on Facebook. If you haven't already, 'LIKE' us here... and visit often.

Here's a nice picture of CFPB member Kirk Glad (#801) at this year's annual Bowling Party just moments before he got a 7-10 split down the back of his shorts. 


If you would like to send good Packer wishes to our CFPB friend Joe Fick (#980), then go to the Central Florida Packer Backer Facebook page and send his family some love.  Maybe even tell him a good Bears joke... that's always good for a laugh or two!  You can also send Joe a card with your good wishes to this address:

Joe Fick
5406 Brownell Street
Orlando, FL 32810

We miss you Joe!  Hopefully we'll see you back at CFPB headquarters again real soon!

Packer Mike (#110) and Packer Brian (#777)