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Yah-Dere-Hey Cheddarheads! How’s-by-you?

(September 24, 2011) --- HPPD!*

If any of youse need any help understanding me, believe-you-me… that dasn’t mean you have to be left feeling like a FIB. You can always get translations by clicking da link here for our Packer Dictionary.  Ain’a-hey… it’s pert-neer game time, so let’s get to business about what is happening this Sunday (September 25, 2011).

Packer Tommy getting ready to go Dumphester Diving.
Duh Bears Dumpster Dive

We turned on our blinker and made a quick road-trip to the “Land of Stinkin” and brought back a giant garbage container from outside Soldier Field.  Beware, there’ll be lots of discarded Bear crap in there but we’ve also added a couple-two-tree really nice Packer prizes to motivate everyone to take the plunge. Good luck, wear gloves, and for goodness-sake, hold your nose! Also remember, no pets, Flatlanders, FIBs or FISHTABS allowed.

Lambeau Ticket Drawing

Holy-cry-yiy!  All wise CFPB members who got off their dupas and paid their 2011 membership dues by today will be entered in a drawing for a pair of tickets to see the Packers beat the Oakland Raiders at Lambeau! The game will be played on Sunday, December 11th, 2011. You must be present to win and if you do, “Go pack, (then) Go!” (Here’s the fine print. You actually have to be able to go to the game. If not, guldarn, we will re-draw. Tickets, like tattoos, are non-transferable.)

Packer Buck (#724) is smart and Packer Ann (#1484) is smarter.  They always register to become CFPB members right smack-dab at the beginning of the season so they're eligible for all those great prizes the club gives away to members throughout the year, like those Lambeau Field tickets they once scored!  Ann: "Buck, yeah!"
Several Tings To Remember
  • Ida given youse that Packer prize, but… always remember to bring your 2011 CFPB membership card with youse every week. We would hate for you to miss out on collecting your Packer prize.
  • Find the CFPB sign-in sheet every time you show up to watch a game with us, doan-cha-know. The clipboard/sign-in sheet is usually around the front table at One Eyed Jacks. And remember, no budging in line.
  • For crymany-cripes-sake, don’t miss out on "Half Price-Halftime Shots." Yes, that’s right!  Every game at halftime we’ll spin the One Eyed Jacks shot wheel. Whatever shot comes up is half price for halftime… get it? Mmmm... fire water.
  • Get your waffle stompers off of the davenport, skootch closer to your computer and bookmark our Central Florida Packer Backer club websites.  First, be sure to "like" us on the CFPB Facebook page... visit this CFPB Blogspot often for news and event info for the club... for Schlitz and giggles be sure to check out the always satirical PackerPage newsletter... and then there's the original CFPB website as well.
Oh, and by-the-way, Congrats to Packer Tommy (#1448) who just happened to have better control of his putter than everyone else last weekend at One Eyed Jack's during the annual "Sally O'Leary Memorial Packer Putt-Off."  Apparently, Tommy golfs just like Tiger… minus the chicks! He made a humdinger of a putt and won four rounds of golf from Mystic Dunes Golf Resort.

More prizes this Sunday and every Packers game at One Eyed Jack's!  See you then!

Go you Packers, go!

Packer Mike (#110) and Packer Brian (#777)

*That's “Happy Pre-Packer Day!” (Normally just HPD on game day.)