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To Catch a Predator... Game

(June 1, 2011) --- Hey dere fellow Cheeseheads! The CFPB guarantees there will be football this year! To prove it, how's about we go to an Orlando Predators game?

Because we know the owners of the team, the CFPB was able to obtaiin choice SUITE LEVEL tickets to the Preds vs the Georgia Force game at 7:30pm on SATURDAY, JUNE 25th at the Amway Center.

"Gimme a 'B'... Gimme an 'R'... Gimme an 'A'... Gimme a 'T'... and pass me the sauerkraut, dammit."
You will be shocked too, when you hear the price...just $20! No, really...only $20! And that includes a pre-game tailgate party just for us at the WaiTiki Lounge on Wall St. Plaza. Yes, all the usual fare you know and love from our Packer tailgate parties will be served at 4:30pm. After you've stuffed your face full of free brats, beans, potato salad, and bought yourself a couple-two-tree beers, it's a short walk to the game. Fun, or what?

Wear your finest Packers attire and we might even make it up on the JumboTron.

Here's what you have to do to be part of the fun:

1). Send us an email at so that we can get a head count of who wants to go to the game.

2). Mail us a list of who's going, a phone number of someone we can contact, and a check totaling $20 for each person made out to the Central Florida Packer Backers. (All requests must be received by JUNE 17th.)

PO BOX 3027
WINTER PARK, FL 32790-3027

We will have the tickets for you at the pre-game tailgate. If you can't make it to the tailgate or you want the tickets mailed to you, enclose a self addressed stamped envelope with your check. The number of tickets is limited... so get off your dupa and join the groupa!

Consider the Preds game a picnic warm-up!  It will be a great time, and a great time to see all your CFPB buddys in the off-season too!

If you are able to say 'No' to this, you probably have a secret Brian Urlacher fetish.  So... which wiener do you prefer?  Thought so!  See you at the Packer Picnic!
And if that's not enough to get your football fix, there's... (drum roll please...) THE PACKER PICNIC ON SUNDAY AUGUST 21ST! Wow, this is better than being on a game show! Circle your calendars, take off work, cancel your vacations, cause this is the social event of the summer!

Many more details to come.