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Super Central Florida Packer Backer Video Clips

(February 20, 2011) --- Yes, our Green Bay Packers are Super Bowl XLV Champions!  And if you were one of the hundreds of fans who watched the game at Central Florida Packer Backer headquarters at the Wall Street Plaza, you know is was a party-and-a-half!  Here's how it was celebrated in Orlando...

BEFORE: The Friday prior to Super Bowl XLV, the morning news anchors (Mike Dunston and Amy Kaufeldt) of the Orlando Fox affiliate WOFL-TV talked to a group of Pittsburgh Steelers fans in Orlando and then a few members of the 1,800 members strong Central Florida Packer Backers about what makes their team and club special.

DURING: Other than having tickets to a Packers game, One Eyed Jack's in the Wall Street Plaza is the best place to watch Green Bay play!  Hundreds of Packers fans came to celebrate the team's 13th NFL Championship with a 31-25 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.  This clip is from the moment the game ended and the Central Florida Packer Backer party continued into the night.  It was kah-RAY-zeeee!!!

AFTER: Shortly after the Green Bay Packers won their 13th NFL Championship with a 31-25 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV, several members of the Central Florida Packer Backer club shouted, "We're going to DisneyWorld!" Turned out, Super Bowl MVP QB Aaron Rodgers had the same idea.

Thousands of Packers fans turned out the day after the Super Bowl on Monday, February 7, 2011 to welcome Aaron during a special parade that afternoon at DisneyWorld... include a few from the CFPB club in Orlando.  Look for a few familiar faces from the CFPB club chanting "Go Pack go!"

If you have any addition Central Florida Packer Backer Super Bowl XLV video or pictures to share, be sure to let us know!  Also, be sure to become a friend of the Central Florida Packer Backer Facebook page as it's the best way to stay up-to-date of club happenings, especially during the off-season and a great place to post your Packer pics too!

Savor the win!  You deserve it!  Thank you Aaron!  And God bless the Packers!