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Super Bowl Sunday at One Eyed Jack’s

(January 28, 2011) --- In case it hasn't sunk in yet, the Packers are in the Super Bowl! And the Central Florida Packer Backers are throwing a Super party for our members. Here’s what’s going on...

There will be a 16 foot, yes foot, TV outside at Wall Street plaza, along with some tasty beer, brats and fried cheese curds for sale before, during, and after the game. Be sure to get to Wall Street Plaza early to join in the party in the plaza!

Here's a nice photo of a few of the great Central Florida Packer Backer fans at One Eyed Jack's.  "That'll be another Green Bay... TOUCHDOWN!!!"  Where's my Packer Juice?
The doors (One Eyed Jacks/The Loaded Hog) open at 4:30 for most people, but if you're a current card carrying 2010 CFPB member, we are opening the doors (One Eyed Jacks) at 4:15 so you get the super seats. The line to get-in will be at the doors of One Eyed Jacks. Members, once you get inside One Eyed Jacks, you will also get access to The Loaded Hog. To get in early YOU MUST SHOW YOUR CURRENT 2010 CFPB MEMBERSHIP CARD at the door and you will get a wristband. And, only members with wristbands will be eligible for the cool stuff.

Once you have the wristband, the party really starts. CFPB members will be able to tap into three half barrels of tasty FREE Miller Lite from 4:30 to 5:30, while it lasts. That's over 45 gallons of beer!

Then, whenever the Packers score, FREE shots of Packer Juice will be distributed to all CFPB members. Like the Packers, it's green and it's strong!

Miller Lite beer, Johnsonville brats and the Packers in the Super Bowl!  It doesn't get any better than that!  See you at One Eyed!  By-the-way... "Don't bogart my brat!"
Again, this is only for 2010 CFPB MEMBERS ONLY. But don't worry, if you're not currently a member you can sign up starting at 3:00 at the CFPB tent outside in Wall Street Plaza. That way you get all the member benefits at the Super Bowl and a 2011 membership. If you lost your card and are a current member you will also need to go to the tent to verify membership, but you must do this early. NO EXCEPTIONS. Oh, in case you didn’t catch our disclaimer: NO EXCEPTIONS!

Like we always say, "Your $20 will get you plenty". It’s always been a small price to pay for what you get all season long as a member of the biggest and best Green Bay football club outside of Lambeau Field... the Central Florida Packer Backers!

Membership really does have its privileges!

So, get off your dupa and join the groupa! See you Sunday!

Go you Packers, go!