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Coming Out of the Closet

(December 9, 2010) --- Following the success of the Packers’ throwback jerseys last week, the NFL announced today they plan to repeat the process for the last regular season game between the league's two oldest teams, but this time they plan to take the experience a couple of steps further.

Here's a nice vintage photograph from 1929 taken of a few Central Florida Backer Backer members at One Eyed Jack's Speakeasy huddled around the four-tube Crosley XJ TRF wireless listening intently to find out if Don Hutson and their Green Bay Packers stuck it to Gibby Welch and the Providence Steam Rollers to bring home the bacon and win the NFL Championship.
"To prepare for the ultimate throwback game featuring the Packers and Bears, we did a lot of research to truly replicate the atmosphere of professional football as it was played 90-years ago," announced NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. "That means no women will be allowed inside to see the game at Lambrau Field... but every man in attendance gets a complimentary fedora and a pack of cigarettes!"  For the full story, click right here!