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Top Five PackerPage Halloween Costumes of 2010

(October 31, 2010) --- Happy Halloween from the PackerPage!

Have you put any thought into what you might wear later tonight to that costume party? Well, the key factor is to be topical but not overdone... and be original. You don’t want to be one of the many Christine O'Donnell witches or dusty Chilean coal miners staggering around tonight, do you? Besides, you’re a football fan, so why not outfit yourself with something that lets everyone know who you love... or who you love to hate.

It's Ray Witchke!  Ooh... now that's scary!
As usual, dressing up as Curly Lamboo and Vince Lambatty will always be a hit in Wisconsin. But if you’re looking to be something a little bit different for this year’s Monster Mash, click here for the latest PackerPage list of what we feel will be the “Top-5” Most Popular Packer Halloween Costumes of 2010.