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Here's Mud in Your Eye!

(October 5, 2010) --- The 3-1 Packers may have been a bit sluggish the past two games but everyone is well aware the team’s offensive potential. In fact, favored Green Bay is poised to score a lot of points this coming Sunday against the Redskins. And that is good, not only for the Pack but also for you!

Every time our Packers score a touchdown or field goal against the Redskins, all Packer Backers at One Eyed Jack’s will get a free tasty shot of Packer Punch. It’s all part of “Take-a-Shot-for-the-Pack Day.” Bottoms up!

See you this Sunday for the CFPB club’s “Take-a-Shot-for-the-Pack Day” at One Eyed Jack’s! Be like the Packers and don’t forget to bring your Designated Driver!

Also, the fine people at Leinenkugel Beer will be stopping by this Sunday during the game to give away some prizes from the nation’s hardest-to-spell brewery.