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Halloween, Lambeau Leap Tickets, Cornholing & Packer Radio

(October 27, 2010) --- There's a lot going on with the Packers and the Central Florida Packer Backers, so let's get to it!

Last Week at One Eyed

Special thanks to the big crowd who braved the 80-degree weather and came out to watch the Pack beat the Favre out of the Vikings this past Sunday night. The Wahlen's came out big winners as Glen (#1069) won an Aaron Rodgers jersey for being cornhole champ (his name is now Sir Cornhole). Also, Glen’s wife Ruth (#1303) got in on the winning too as she picked up an awesome Packers coat. (And, yes, it actually is reversible!)

After being crowned Mr. Cornhole, Glen Wahlen didn't know whether to celebrate or take a shower. 
The good news for everyone in attendance last Sunday to witnessed Glen's cornhole win, is that since the Packers game was on home TV, your membership numbers went in the Lambeau Leap Ticket Drawing twice... and that brings us to this Sunday... Sunday... SUNDAY!

Want to Win Lambeau Leap Seats?

Someone's going to Lambeau...yes, it's true, and it can be you! This Sunday's game against the Jets is not only a very important game as far as the Packers season goes, its also Lambeau Leap drawing day. All season long we have been putting CFPB membership numbers of everyone in attendance in a high-security plastic jar. Your number goes in once for satellite games and twice for games that are on home TV. That means you have 12 chances to win if you have been to One-Eyed Jack's for every game so far this year. If we pick your number you will be going to Lambeau for the Packers/49ers game on December 5th and sitting in Section 133, row 3, seats 9 and 10.

If you win the CFPB club's big drawing this Sunday, this could be you signaling the next successful "Lambeau Leap!" 
Not only Lambeau Leap seats, but they are also right next to where the Packers come out on to the field. Is that cool, or what? There are only two rules to the contest. One, you must be present to win at One-Eyed Jack's when the number is picked, and two, you have to go to the game. Just like the Packer tattoo we are giving away at the Cowboys game, the tickets are non-transferrable. (Non-transferrable... get it? I love that joke.)

Is this the scariest chick you've ever seen?  Naw, it's just Packer Paul Stanley from Kiss-consin during a "Happy HallowGreen Contest" a few years back at One Eyed Jack's.  Start getting creative!  Another costume contest is happening this weekend! 
It's also Happy HalloGreen, which means while we boo the Jets, someone is going to win some great prizes for the best Packer or Wisconsin themed costume. (Or you could dress up as something really scary and come as Orlando sportswriter Jerry Greene.)

CFPB is On the Air!

You betcha! If you have a few minutes this Friday (October 29th) morning at 10am EST, tune into the local ESPN radio affiliate at 1080 on the AM dial and the program “The Beat of Sports” and you will get to hear Packer Brian (#777) talk about the CFPB club, the Packers, duh-Bears (who still suck!), and of course you know that Brent Favre topic will come up.  Click here for their website and then click on the 'LISTEN LIVE' button and it will take you to ESPN radio.

Listen to Central Florida Packer Backer Brian OHalloran (the other handsome dude... on the left) Friday morning at 10am on 1080 AM in Orlando as he tries to diss the Bears and Brett live on the radio without using profanity.  Good luck with that.
Don't forget to print out the CFPB event schedule and put in on your refrigerator (because you know it will burn on the stove) so you won’t miss any of the fun at One Eyed Jack’s.

Lost and Found

The Vikings lost, the Bears lost, and the Cowboys lost... again. Also, someone at One-Eyed Jack’s found a bracelet at the club. If it's yours come up to the head table this Sunday and let us know what it looks like so you can get it back!

See you Sunday at One Eyed!

Go you Packers, go!