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Anna Just Can't Believe It

(October 1, 2010) --- I'm sure most of you saw the Monday Night Football "My Wish" feature during halftime of the Packers-Bears game on ESPN earlier this week.  It's just one more of the many reasons why the Green Bay Packers are truly "America's Team" in every sense of those words.

God bless Anna Schmidt.  God bless the Green Bay Packers.

The video follows Horicon, Wisconsin resident and Green Bay Packers fan Anna Schmidt, 13, who received a heart transplant in March.  Her wish; to meet Aaron Rodgers.  Now if this story doesn't tug on your heartstrings, you probably wear Dark Navy, Orange and White on Sunday afternoons.

By the way, while you check out this clip, be sure to note Anna's opinion on Rodgers' facial hair and Al Harris' braids.