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Wanted: Central Florida Packer Punters

(September 30, 2010) --- Be sure to get your butt down to Central Florida Packer Backer headquarters at One Eyed Jack’s this coming Sunday afternoon for another Green Bay par-tay!

It will be “Ladies Day” at One Eyed Jack’s with lots of Green Bay prizes for the women. Plus everyone will have a chance to kick for prizes during the annual CFPB “Field Goal Kicking Contest” sponsored once again by Miller Lite. Not only will it get you off of your barstool for 30-seconds of much needed cardiovascular activity but if you put the plastic pigskin through the inflatable uprights, you just may win a nice prize from the brewery.

Here's a nice pic of CFPB Head Cheese Mike Gottlieb (#110) displaying his trademark Thighsman Trophy pose during last season's Miller Lite Field Goal Kicking Contest. 

Oh, and expect another visit from the lovely Miller girls... Ivana Miller, Anita Miller and Olive Miller. See you this Sunday for the Packers-Lions game at One Eyed Jack’s! Doors open at noon. Be there or be Bear!