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Packer Picnic Pictures Posted

(September 27, 2010) --- Flying toilet seats, bear abuse and a bigass cow. No, it wasn’t a new Georgia based television reality show… instead it was the Central Florida Packer Backer “Packer Picnic!” Last August about 200 Packer-faithful showed up (in the shadow of a giant-sized inflatable cow) at Barnett Park in Orlando to catch up after a long off-season, enjoy all the tasty free food such as brats, beans, potato salad, and to also take part in a few of our interactive sporting events.

Here's a nice photo of the "Beer & Brat Speed Eating Contest," one of the more popular events held at the CFPB club picnic.   Contestants must first consume a Johnsonville brat and bun and then wash it down with a 12-ounce Miller Lite.  The prize is awarded to the person who finishes first withour requiring the Heimlich Maneuver.
Although the picnic was well over a month ago, we finally got some of the pictures developed from that digital camera we used that day. Not only will you find photos from this years CFPB picnic on the club's Facebook site, but tons of other pics from club events over the past couple of decades.

Here's a nice picture of a few Packer Picnic People in their Green Bay 2-4 stance.  For more photos, log-in to our Central Florida Packer Backer Facebook page!
By the way, if you have any pictures you’d like to share, especially from the early years of the CFPB club during the 1990’s, e-mail them to us with a brief description and date and we’ll include them on club’s Facebook website.