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A Message from the Head Cheeses

(September 15, 2010) --- Hey dere Central Florida Packer Backers!

Thanks to everyone for the great turnout at the tailgate and Happy New (NFL) Year's party last Sunday. Youse guys showed why the CFPB club is the biggest and best Packer Club in the known universe. As everyone knows, cheap beer tastes good, free beer tastes best! Make sure to keep checking this site every once and awhile for club info and cool pictures... and if you have any to share, send 'em!

We also have a couple thing to yell you about!

THING 1: The CFPB club is trying to plan a "Cheeseheads in Paradise" beach get-together in Cocoa Beach on September 25th, 2010. The Pack doesn't play the dirty cheatin' Bears till Monday night sooooo... we figured some fun in the sun would be a nice break. Sure, it's kind of last-minute, but sometimes that's the most fun. Just like a last-second touchdown!

The CFPB beach party will be near the Cocoa Beach Pier. The club will have a giant cooler full of free Miller Lites, soft drinks, and water on the beach. Nothin' like a drink in your hand, and your toes in the sand!Can't do that in Rhinelander in September!

If you'd like to stay at the beach with all of your Packer pals, the club can get you rooms at the Best Western Cocoa Beach (5600 North Atlantic Avenue) for $79.00 for Saturday night (and you get breakfast). The best part is that the hotel is next to the Cocoa Beach Pier, so no driving!

The Central Florida Packer Backer "Beach Party" has been approved by the Packer Bikini Girls.

But this mini Packer vacation will only happen if we get enough people to let us know they will be going.  So, if you'd like to join the party at the beach (whether it's just for the afternoon or overnight), you must first e-mail Packer Brian at and let him know how many are coming and we will let you know if it's gonna happen.  But again, keep in mind that it all depends on how many people are interested in going, so this is still tentative... but remember, we need your RSVP no later than game-time this Sunday, September 19th.  Now go find your swimsuit!

THING 2: As a reward to all who have a current 2010 CFPB membership card, all members will be eligible to win a pair of Lambeau Field game tickets, thanks to longtime CFPB member Packer Todd (#128).  And this year the winner will have a choice to pick one of three Packers home games to attend! What's the catch, you ask? Hardly any. You must be a 2010 CFPB member, you must be present to win and the ticket are not transferrable.  The drawing will be held this Sunday at One Eyed Jack's during the Bills-Packers game.

In addition to all the great Packers prizes the club will be giving away, it's also Brew Crew Hullabaloo Day with some awesome and purt'neer impossible-to-find Milwaukee Brewers collectibles. Is this a great club, or what?

See you this Sunday!  Be there or be Bear!