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Happy New (NFL) Year!

(September 9, 2010) --- You've heard of Christmas in July, well this is New Year's in September!

To celebrate the start of the 24th season of the Central Florida Packer Backers we're starting with a bang... literally.  'Opening day' is this Sunday, Sept 12th at One Eyed Jack's at the Wall Street Plaza  in heart of downtown Orlando.

Free food, free beer, great friends and the Green Bay Packers.  What else do you need?

The Green Bay-Philadelphia game may start at 4:15pm, but we're cranking it up at 1:00pm with a CFPB tailgate at the WaiTiki at the opposite end of Wall Street Plaza. Along with all the tasty Wisconsin-style food that made our tailgates legendary, we are going to have... drum roll please.... FREE BEER (while it lasts for all CFPB members)! Yes, our friends at Miller made a half-barrel with our name on it to kick off the New (NFL) Year's celebration. It's a wonderful way to wash those yummy brats and Potato Salad Chris' famous German potato salad down!  Mmmm... kinda makes your cholesterol go up just thinkin' about it! (BTW... FYI: alcohol cuts grease.)

After we feed our faces, it's game time at One Eyed Jack's, with, you guessed it, more... another drum roll... FREE BEER (while it lasts for CFPB members)! What would a New Year's party be without party favors? Well, it'd be like a trip to the Vikings Super Bowl trophy case...pretty empty. There will be party hats and noisemakers... and at kickoff, the big bang!  (Hold your ears folks, its showtime!)

Pictured above, a few early CFPB members last season anxiously waiting for the doors to open at One Eyed Jack’s so they could... A: Get a good seat directly in front of the beer tap... B: Pay their delinquent bar tabs from the previous season... or P: Empty their bladders.

Oh, and there's a Packer game too! HPD! (Happy Packer Day!) So get off your dupa and join the groupa... it's gonna be a SUPER year for Packer Backers at One Eyed Jack's!

P's P's P's

Pardon this pause... don't be pensive, profane, petty, pitiful, peculiar, peevish, preposterous, phony, penurious, perplexed, pigheaded, perturbed, perverse or pathetic. That would make you a Cowboys fan, or perhaps even take you down to Bears fan level...yeesh.  But please partake in these helpful hints to pace yourself so you'll have a plethora of pleasant Packer days at Central Florida Packer Backers headquaerters at One Eyed Jack's in downtown Orlando.
1. If you can, come early to the tailgate to renew or sign up for a membership. That way you (and the people working) won't miss much of the game. If you've ever been to previous year's opening days, you know how busy it can be. Plus you get free beer! (Incidentally, did you ever notice that free beer tastes the best?)

2. Doors open one-hour before game time at One Eyed Jack's. When every seat in One Eyed Jack's in filled, do not fret. The two adjacent bars... Wall Street Cantina and The Loaded Hog will also be open to for all of our Packer pals... and each and every TV will be showing the Packers game.

3. If you have to, or are going to, renew or sign up for your CFPB club membership, your membership card will be available for you to pick up starting from the beginning of the pre-game tailgate party this Sunday throughout the the 2010 season. You can stop by the front table to pick up your membership card at any time.  Please note that it is important that you keep your membership card in your wallets and purses, and bring it with you every time you come to watch a game with us. If your membership number is pulled for a prize, we will be asking to see proof that you are a club member. We have been horn-swaggled by a few Cowboys, Vikings and Bears fans this past season. This is your club and we don't want to see any freakin' interlopers, don't-cha-know! (Dirty cheatin' Bears. Yeesh.)

4. When you sign-up or renew your CFPB club membership, we will provide you (on September 12th only at One Eyed Jack's) with your free Miller Lite beer mug that can be used throughout the 2010 Packer season for refills that will save you some bucks. (FYI: there is a limited supply of mugs. When they run out, they run out. Also, keep track of your mug. If you leave the mug at the bar, it's most likely going to be a piece of Packer history. Take care of your mug and your mug will take care of you.)

5. There are many options when it comes to parking in downtown Orlando, but no matter where you choose to park, please read the posted signage around you. The City of Orlando offer free on-street parking during holidays and hours listed below. Parking is free after 6pm Monday thru Saturday, free all day on Sundays, and you can also park under I-4 free on Sundays. If you would prefer to pay and park in a garage, you have plenty of choices
Finally, the CFPB club would like to send out a big thank to all who turned out in supporting our fellow Packer Backer Dana Paucek (#1161) on Saturday August 28th at the AMF Altamonte Bowling Lanes. It was great to see Dana on-the-road to recovery and we can't wait for him to be able to come back to join us at One Eyed Jacks!  The smile on his face said it all!

Here's a nice picture of just a few of the Central Florida Packer Backer faithful getting their weekly shots at the Waitiki Lounge in the Wall Street Plaza.  It is the cold and flu season, you know!

And one final note.  If you have friends that are not receiving our CFPB club e-mails, tell them to send a note to Packer Brian (#777) and he will make sure that they are added to the club's worldwide e-mail list.

Yes!  Finally!  The Green Bay Packer season is here!  (To quote Flounder in "Animal House") "Oh boy, this is gonna be great!" 

Maybe even "Super!"

See you this Sunday!  Go Pack, go!