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It's Packer Picnic Time!

(August 5, 2010) --- Hey there Cheesers and Cheesettes!

Yeah, Brett retired or didn't retire, blah blah blah...but here's something you KNOW is going to happen!

The annual Central Florida Packer Backer Picnic will start at 12:00 this SATURDAY, not Sunday.  And just go to the same location as last year, Barnett Park Pavillion #4 . (look for the giant cow...moo!)

For those of you who do not know where Barnett park is... it's on Colonial Drive (Hwy 50) behind the Fairgrounds.

Come hungry, as we will have some of the best pic-a-nic food this side of Sheboygan!

Here's a few picnic tips you can help with...

-We will have the brats, corn on the cob, Potato Salad Chris' famous German potato salad, Joe Mama's pulled pork (no pun intended) chips and coleslaw. The tasty side dishes are up to YOU! Be creative, we don't need all potato chips and cookies!!

-BYOB!  There will be plenty of soft drinks and water to drink, but if you want a couple-two-tree beers bring your own. We have tons of the red cups to put 'em in.

-Odds are its gonna be warmer than Rhinelander out so if you have a big fan (and extension cords) it can't hurt to bring 'em. Also, if you have one of those 8' square pop-up cabanas... bring that too. The more shade, less sweat... the less chance of smelling like someone stepped in a Bear!

-If you want to volunteer to help with purt'neer anything let us know...we can always use a hand!

And there will be a Post Packer Picnic too!  So for those true Wisconsin party animals, be sure to bring your swimming suit as there will be a POOL PARTY at Larry's house after the picnic! Larry will have the picnic leftovers at his awesome backyard tiki bar..and a very cool pool. Sounds pretty good, huh? So save a few beers in your cooler and come on over after the picnic. Again, BYOB!

Use your blinkers and head on over to Larry's place at 8322 Gandy Way Orlando, FL 32801!

Be there or be Bear!